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A mural of Van Eyck's Man in a Red Turban wearing a white face mask.

Large close-up images showing the faces of essential workers, created with spray paint.

Street art on the side of a building showing healthcare workers and the Grim Reaper with the virus between them.

A large (wall-sized), abstract, symmetrical, highly colorful representation of the coronavirus.

Donald Trump with tiny hands and a virus head, surrounding by floating representations of the virus. Painted on a fence.

Five monumental healthcare workers (doctors, nurses, EMT) face the viewer, wearing face masks. In the foreground, we see the silhouettes of ordinary people looking up at the healthcare works, joined by Superman, identified by a flowing cape. A large…

Two blue, cartoon blobs appear under the text "Atchoum! Covid-19." One is clearly infected and expels droplets with a sneeze. The other one has a concerned expressions and wears a face mask.

A large stencil of the Mona Lisa wearing a face mask. White on black door/window grate. Text reads #CATANIANONSIFERMA (Catania Does Not Stop)

A close-up image of a beautiful, young woman (generalized, not a portrait) wearing a face mask. The emphasis is on the blue face mask as well as the woman's eyes and hair.

A young, male figure wearing a face mask. The artist is painting a rendition of the coronavirus on the man's chest. Text reads: “By fighting the epidemic, we protect the human being and preserve the earth”
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