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A stencil spray-painted in black on the pavement outside of a neighborhood autonomous social center reads: "With cops and army you do not cure of the COVID-19," followed by the sentence ¡no pasarán! — they shall not pass. There is no artists…

A small sticker, that can be found all over the Berlin neighborhood of Neukölln, asks "Will you still practice solidarity after tomorrow?," signed with the reminder to "Remember COVID-19."

"Where are the tests?" projected in upper-case text. The text is projected onto the side of a Subway sandwich shop.

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Two side by side iterations of the same text-based poster—one in German, one in English—center around the question "What to do in times of Corona?" The main body of the text enumerates threats caused by the pandemic, and articulates a set of demands,…

Stenciled text on the road reading "Business As Usual Is Over/What Next?"

In large lettering, "WHAT DAY IS IT?"

Welcome to the Apocalypse written in red and blue spray paint.

A pasteup created by Berlin-based artist duo Various & Gould shows a woman in the process of putting on a mask upon which the bottom half of her face is imprinted.

Text reading "We Shall Touch Tomorrow" on a purple poster with forget-me-nots seen in silhouette.

An black-and-white stencil of David Bowie against a teal background. His text bubble reads "WE COULD BE HEROES" and additional text reads "...BY JUST STAYING HOME"
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