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A blue figure with a green face and sunglasses calmly flips through a book entitled "How to Survive a Pandemic" while sipping coffee and indulging in snacks. The figure wears a bathrobe and a towel on the head. Text says "You're Doing Amazing…

A monumental image of a woman curled up and sleeping on the sidewalk, unprotected from the elements. Text running across the top of the image reads "you can't stay at home if you have no home."

This piece is combination of three small murals in a building. The center is a black rectangle with "love" written in cursive in multiple colors and "You can't quarantine love" written in white. The other two are on either side of the center…

The word "love" written in cursive and in multiple colors, is repeated over and over against a black background. A white rectangle is superimposed over this, reading "YOU CAN'T QUARANTINE LOVE"

A graffiti piece on a corrugated metal fence in downtown Athens reads: "You are tougher than you think, Signed: COVID-19."

Small tag reading "Yall really goona pay rent right now?" in black.

A sticker shows the slogan "Women united against the virus of patriarchy" in juxtaposition with the outline of a woman's face, looking up.

A woman wears a face mask that is decorated with an image a map, indicating the global spread of the coronavirus. Pasted up on a window.

A woman seen in profile, holding a face mask to her face. An abstract image of a bird appears behind her, set against a blue background.

An image of a woman in profile, wearing a face mask.
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