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An abstracted figure wearing a blue mask, yellow hat, and yellow jacket (representing a construction worker) holds a sign saying "a big thanks." The figure is set against a black background. To the left of the figure we see white text reading "WE…

Vibrant spray-painted mural of an oversize toilet roll with a bird perched on top

A stencil that has appeared in the aftermath of several incidences of police repression in Athens shows two police on a motorbike with the caption "Blue Virus."

Brazil's president, Jair Bolsonaro, wears a dour expression and a bright red clown's nose. Text above his portrait reads: "Máscara dos Bolsonaros contra o Coronavírus:" (The Bolsonaros mask against the coronavirus)

"Artistic representation of a trend that pissed off a generation forced to look at itself." -Jilly Ballistic. The drawing of the cleaning product is titled "boomer remover." This represents a sanitizing of society through COVID-19.

A small, simple tag reading "Boris wants us dead"

A poster with text reading "BREXIT" and "Voluntary Self-Isolation" A profile of a figure running and an arrow pointing downward with the British flag as color-fill.

A red, melting popsicle with text reading "Bring Back Ebola," referencing a horrific virus that was less contagious and also more easily contained, in part due to international cooperation.

This short caption shows in simple terms how commanding the A folded piece of paper with text stating that Alexa has tested positive for Coronavirus. American people demand for goods. Working from home, Americans still order from AMAZON, a company…

Spray painted on the glass window real estate agency, blocking the view of postings. Simple black text reads "RENT STRIKE NOW (anarchy symbol)/CAN'T PAY? DON'T/Lettings"
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