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An black-and-white stencil of David Bowie against a teal background. His text bubble reads "WE COULD BE HEROES" and additional text reads "...BY JUST STAYING HOME"

Rosie the Riveter is transformed into a healthcare worker (identified by red cross on her arm), wearing latex gloves nad a surgical face mask. Text reads "We Can Do It!" and Rosie the Responder.

Referencing Rosie the Riveter, this piece depicts a health care worker in blue scrubs wearing a blue mask and blue gloves.

A figure wearing a grey suit, red tie, and blue face mask holds up one hand. Set against a white background, text in black says "we can beat this together." The NHS logo in blue appears at the top.

A image of an anatomical heart with pink text reading "WE ARE STRONGER SIX FEET APART."

One panel shows a healthcare worker in scrubs and a surgical mask. He holds up two fingers to represent "peace" as well as "2 meters." Text reads "#2 meters." The second panel shows a health care worker wearing scrubs and face mask in profile. Text…

Two panels covering the windows of a boarded off storefront. Stenciled letters read "Stay Alive," "Virus Killaz," "We Are One" and "Revolt." A grinning moon appears on the right panel. The faces of two black figures, one with a face mask, appear on…

"We are obligated to be outraged" is projected in all caps white text. A colorful projection moves in the background.

Bottles of Corona Extra with text added to the label. "We Applaud" and "Wash Your Hands"

A grave marker with text reading "Wash Your Hands," indicating that a failure to wash hands puts one at risk when faced with a potentially deadly virus.
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