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An image of Alanis Morriset with text reading "And What It All Comes Down To...Is that Everything's Gonna Be Quite Alright."

A wheatpasted photograph of person wearing a full hazmat suit accompanied by text (in Sharpie) reading ANOTHER NEW NORMAL. This represents what the "new normal" for commuters across the world.

A black on white poster reading "As Yourself: Am I Alive in a Time When All of Humanity is Awakening to our Inherent Oneness?" Below are two rows of figures in black pigment with white outlines and white eyes. Additional text reads "WHOA."

A wheatpaste photograph of a man wearing a gas mask/ventilator, gloves, and a pith helmet, referencing defense in the wartime context. A tag in black Sharpie reads "At least the birds still sing," referencing the concept of front line workers as the…

Two blue, cartoon blobs appear under the text "Atchoum! Covid-19." One is clearly infected and expels droplets with a sneeze. The other one has a concerned expressions and wears a face mask.

A monumental image of a woman wearing a face mask. The artist indicated that this was not necessarily intended as a tribute, but rather as a marker of the times we are experiencing.

A horizontal mural centered on the words BE STILL....To the right of the text, a medical worker wearing a surgical cap and tying on a surgical mask. On the left, two workers wearing hoodies, masks, and baseball caps wading through water and carrying…

Chef José Andres, founder of the non-profit World Central Kitchen, wears a face mask and holds an enormous bundle of freshly-harvested carrots. Behind him, two figures (also wearing face masks), prepare trays of food for distribution. A third figure…

Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 6.42.46 PM.png
Graffiti of bee wearing a gas mask found in underground tunnel in Vernier, Switzerland.

Located near the site of George Floyd's death (address of this work is 3759 Chicago Ave), this piece addresses the idea that racism is a public health crisis. Text references "Pre-existing condition: Being Black in America." Heart in the center of…
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