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Subway closed for disinfection (and possibly to reduce the number of homeless people sleeping on trains) during Covid-19. A significant change for the city and its residents.

Inside what appears to be a large frame, is a wheatpasting of a smiling Donald Trump, who is giving a thumbs up. Stenciled next to this image reads "It is what it is-Trump." In large type, next to both of these reads "200,000+ COVID19 Deaths" in red…

Masked figure on street sign approaching George Floyd Square. Poster reads "Protect Each Other. Justice4Floyd. Masks Help Us All."

Masked figures on street sign approaching George Floyd Square. Poster reads "Protect Us. Justice for George Floyd. Masks Help Us All".

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 3.54.04 PM.png
Two adolescents, one Black and one white, elbow bump each other. They wear face masks and maintain proper a proper social distance while still expressing racial unity. co

A banner displayed on the fence of a squatted parcel in Berlin reads "#GrenzenTöten: Solidarität mit Geflüchteten, trotz Corona" which translates to "#BordersKill: Solidarity with Refugees, despite Corona"

A black horse against a white ground, seen in profile. Text on the horse's blanket reads "SEDE IN DOMO TUA/LAVA MANUS" (Stay at Home/Wash Hands).

Large blue, white and turquoise coloured wheat-pasted illustration featuring female eyes and a face mask with the text #PROTECT NHS WORKERS. Additional text above and below the female face reads 'PPE' repeated three times, and below the text reads…

#TODOSPELASVACINAS ("Vaccines for All") is painted in black on the pavement.

The mural brought together the Verified Campaign, the United Nations Information Center for Brazil, Unic-Rio, and thousands of members of samba schools to do the…

Mural reading "$tate of Emergency" documented in Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle, Washington.

100 copies of the front page of the New York Times from Sunday, May 24. The front page listed the names of 100,000 people who had, up to that point, died as a result of Covid-19.

Screenshot 2022-08-04 122759.png
"200,000+ Covid Deaths" is spray-painted in red next to a wheatpasting of Donald Trump that reads "It Is What It Is."

A figure with red skin and dreadlocks wears a face mask that says "2020 Mayday." Additional text reads "No Labor No Rent May 1"

This is written in marker on a brick wall: "23rd March 2020, the day shit went tits up."

A simple tag with a line marking off 6 feet, appropriate measure for social distancing. Text reads "6 feet apart" and "6 feet under."

A poster intended to be printed at 6'10". Stencil-style text (in black) reads "6 FT is not just a rule(r) to keep us all safe. It is a love note. A kindness. It's solidarity in action." A large red arrow (in hand-drawn style) marks off 6 feet.

This work of art was photographed in George Floyd Square and has been taped up to the remains of a bus stop in the square. It features a woman wearing a mask and the words "Black Lives Matter" above, and "Defund the Police" below.

Screenshot 2022-08-03 213120.png
A pirate with a bandana holds onto a mast. At the top of the mast is a blue face mask. In the left hand of the pirate is a paintbrush. To the right, "Yo Ho A Mask's Life For Me" is written in red.

A wheatpaste painting of an Erlenmeyer flask filled with blue goop and 3 covid viruses. The stem of the flask reads "A moment of science please."

A toddler holds a face mask and looks at with affection; the newest generation's first memories will be full of face masks and social distancing. The image of the toddler is created with a wheatpaste photograph; text in black Sharpie reads "A new…
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