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A sticker showing a figure wearing a lucha libre mask as well as a protective face mask. Text reads "No Seas Mamón. Ponte Una Máscara (Don't Be An Asshole Wear A Mask)" This is directly adjacent to a sticker showing a burning police station with…

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 2.02.01 PM.png
This artwork shows a big red pathogen which is supposed to represent the coronavirus. The virus is aggressively confronting a much smaller healthcare worker who does not shy away from it. In fact, the healthcare worker, dressed in scrubs, seems to…

Graffiti on a utility box reading "The Real Virus is Communism" and "Locks Downs Kill."

Graffiti on a jersey barrier that reads "Trump Will Die Of Covid."

Graffiti found in the pedestrian/bike tunnel in Minneapolis' Bracket Park. Text in black spray paint reads "Covid 19 I Miss My Mom"

Stickers seen on the back of a street sign

A sticker reading "Capitalism is the Virus" on a street sign.

A simple, repeated stencil reading "I can't wait 2 hug u!"

A stencil painted in pink and blue reads "Mehr Lohn statt Lob," which translates to "Higher salaries instead of praise," a commentary on the precarious situation of essential workers in Germany.

A stencil painted in pink reads "Support care revolution."
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