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A tightly-cropped image of a woman caught mid-sneeze, expelling gigantic droplets. Given the position of the wall (perpendicular to the pedestrian pathway), the artist creates the illusion that the droplets are infecting people passing by. In this…

A large and colorful mural reading "Seu futuro está nas mãos" (translated as "your future is in your hands") with images of a young figure with respirator mask and a female doctor of Asian descent doing research using a microscope. Images of the…

An image of a young boy holding a belt; text reads "Fica em casa" (translated as "Stay at home"). The boy wears pants and no shirt or belt.

An image of Bolsonaro and Lula facing off. Dollar signs and the coronavirus float around them. One rendition of the virus bites Lula on the figure. Text reads (in Portuguese): Olha o Povo. Enquanto Brigamos Eles Padecem!" (translation: Look at the…

A mosaic tile Mario Brothers doctor with a stencil reading "NOW WASH YOUR FU**ING HANDS." Painted on the wall of the Dean Lane Skatepark.

A yield sign with an image of the COVID-19 virus is placed in a skate park.

A warning sign in a skatepark shows the coronavirus in black on a white background surrounded by a red triangle. Below is a white rectangular sign with Covid-19 written in black.

A set of posters—one in English, one in Greek—to raise awareness for the issue of domestic violence during quarantine. The poster contains a description of the situation of those for whom "being with our families or partners is just as threatening as…

In a large square in central Athens a slogan written on a ledge in Greek reads "The only epidemic is fear and stupidity."

A monumental image of a woman curled up and sleeping on the sidewalk, unprotected from the elements. Text running across the top of the image reads "you can't stay at home if you have no home."
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