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A giant anthropomorphic virus with an ominous grin holds the limp bodies of its victims in its hands. Text in Arabic reads "the Corona that dislike sickens you," and in English "tak[e] it seriously"

A young woman wears scrubs and a face mask with the emblem of Superman on it. This is described by the artist as "Super Nurse."

A shady man opens his dark trench coat to reveal several rolls of illicit toilet paper for sale. This stencil is located outside of a CVS, where no doubt toilet paper was in high demand at the time this work went up.

Two healthcare workers, identified as such by scrubs, gloves, face masks, and a medical chart, have large wings, indicating their status as guardian angels.

Uncle Sam, wearing a N-95 race mask, points and makes direct eye contact with the viewer. Text below reads I WANT YOU TO STAY HOME. Divided we Stand, United We Fall

Brazil's president, Jair Bolsonaro, wears a dour expression and a bright red clown's nose. Text above his portrait reads: "Máscara dos Bolsonaros contra o Coronavírus:" (The Bolsonaros mask against the coronavirus)

A mural divided into four equal-sized panels. On the top left, a man in an orange jacket is paired with text reading "Corona" and "Covid 19" paired with a skull. The man turns away and protects himself with his hand. On the lower left, the same man…

The classic image of the Simpons sitting on their sofa in front of the TV is modified: the family members all wear face masks. The panel is tagged with the words "Stay Home"

A monumental figure in a dark hoodie wears a respirator mask. The figure is set against a dramatic orange and black background evoking an apocalyptic event.

A woman wearing a face mask opens her trench coat to reveal many items she is dealing. These include letters forming the word "HOPE," hands clasped together in gratitude (in the form of an emoji), a dove, and a bird evoking Twitter/social media. Her…

Large, black, block letters read "STAY AT HOME OK." It appears that the wall is frequently hit by taggers, although at the time of this photograph the wall is clean except for this text.

A work stenciled on the pavement reads "Stay Home!" in yellow, followed by a coral-colored rendition of the coronavirus.

Simple black letters (created with a Sharpie) reading "Covid is A scam." This appears on a road block that was used to transform a vehicular road into a pedestrian pathway.

"Rent Strike Now" spray painted in large, black, block letters on a utility pole. This is located near the site of a homeless encampment that emerged in the midst of the crisis.

Large, black, block letters reading COVID = COPS in a passage way under a bridge. Buffs indicate that this area is tagged on a regular basis, but the wall is clean aside from this tag.

Text in black, block letters reading "I am the great Cornholio I need TP for my Bunghole! Stop hoarding, Morons!" with an image of a crazed Bevis.

A large (life-size) stencil of a man who is encumbered by a green virus, connected to his ankle as a ball-and-chain.

A multi-colored stencil piece depicting a seated Bodhisattva wearing a face mask. There is evidence the wall is tagged with frequency.

Medieval lovers are caught up in a romantic embrace. They manage to kiss through their face masks, and each of them clutches a bottle of hand sanitizer.

Painted on a partially destroyed wall near the waterfront, a gigantic virus wrecking ball causes destruction. A shadow creates the illusion of depth.
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