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Simple stencil on pavement reading "CAPITALISM IS THE VIRUS" in red.

A large, simple, red tag reading "Capitalism Is The Virus"

A sticker reading "Capitalism is the Virus" on a street sign.

The words Capitalism is the Virus painted on an abandoned restaurant in New Orleans. New Orleans has suffered from multiple disasters and has faced significant struggles; covid-19 certainly posed new challenges.

The word "Capitalism" stenciled in black, covered with a sign reading "closed for business."

Cardi B, in black and white against red, says "Coronaviiiiiiirus!" She points at a black line measuring out 2 meters.

A large image of Cardi B, covering an entire wall. Her image has been modified to incorporate a face mask and text reading #stayhome #cardicares. A text bubble has Cardi saying "Corona Virus! Shit is real!"

Catwoman with a speech bubble reading "When the economy bubble explodes again like in 2006 they gonna saves the banks again like in 2008!!"

A man in full hazmat gear, including rubber suit and gas mask, holds up a beer with the title Cheers behind him. This painting is a humorous reference to the similarities between Corona beer and the coronavirus in terms of the name. This also…

Mural showcasing a cross-legged seated figure wearing a mask and meditating, set on a bright yellow background. There is a black/galactic print above the figure's head. There is block print on either side of the figure, "CLOSE YOUR DOORS." and "OPEN…

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 2.02.01 PM.png
This artwork shows a big red pathogen which is supposed to represent the coronavirus. The virus is aggressively confronting a much smaller healthcare worker who does not shy away from it. In fact, the healthcare worker, dressed in scrubs, seems to…

Mural Completed by the Group 'Imprint of Hope'

More about them here:

A blue cat with five eyes and horns is joined by three ghosts. Text reads "Hey all U cool cats and kitten. Wash UR paws."

Large, black, block letters reading COVID = COPS in a passage way under a bridge. Buffs indicate that this area is tagged on a regular basis, but the wall is clean aside from this tag.

Text reading (in Greek) "Cops Everywhere" and "Hospitals Nowhere" with Anarchy symbol and star.

A wheatpaste image of a mock Coca-cola advertisement. On a red background, a woman hugs a roll of toilet paper, with the text "Corona" listed above it in the classic Coca-cola style font. The word "survive" appears at the top of the image. There has…

A mural divided into four equal-sized panels. On the top left, a man in an orange jacket is paired with text reading "Corona" and "Covid 19" paired with a skull. The man turns away and protects himself with his hand. On the lower left, the same man…

2241F829-D92D-445C-AC14-A39FAD8379F9 - Lia Arraiano.jpeg
The artwork consists of 5 masked babies all bearing masks with different words: Isolation, Selfishness, Longing, Mistrust, Paranoia. Under the babies is the sentence “Anxiety kills more than the Coronavirus”

A young woman seen from waist up and in profile. She is kissing a bottle of Corona beer.

A pin up artwork of Marilyn Monrow with one black and one white angle wing. She is sitting on a syringe (COVID-19 Vaccination), with words "Corona Girls"
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