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A healthcare worker in scrubs with a stethoscope around their neck and a face mask wears red boxing gloves and has multi-colored angel wings.

In a dark and ominous setting a man stands protectively next to a youth wearing a face mask who leans into him.

Depicts Sonia, owner of popular Hang Zhou restaurant located nearby, wearing a face mask and PPE while holding a bowl of rice with chopsticks. Text in Italian says “There’s an epidemic of ignorance going around…we must protect ourselves.”

A tribute to healthcare workers. The torso of a person wearing a suit rips open their clothing to reveal a blue shirt with NHS on it. The S is the Superman superhero logo.

Chalked on a wall are the words Chicago stay strong. Chicago is written in block letters and the A has a red star in the center with blue and white stripes. Stay strong is written in cursive-like text.

Face masks and scarves adorn a public sculpture (cast in bronze) depicting an ordinary woman carrying a child on her back.

A large honey bear (in shades of orange and yellow) wears a face mask. Several versions were installed around the city. Other versions wear a chef's hat, hold a piece of pizza, etc.

An altered street sign shows two people in face masks riding a jet ski.

A glamorous woman wears a face mask with the word fear written on it in blood.

A warning sign in a skatepark shows the coronavirus in black on a white background surrounded by a red triangle. Below is a white rectangular sign with Covid-19 written in black.

A woman wearing an old-fashioned nurse's cap and dress is adorned with a large S representing her status as a superhero.

Extremely large representations of the virus of are scattered across the pavement. The viruses are frowning and sweating.

A young girl tosses a bucket of water/paint in the air and a rainbow and NHS panel appear. A heart floating above her drips red paint. Paint is splattered on the ground. Put together, the text reads "Heart NHS and all key workers."

An image affixed to the wall of a person wearing a protective body suit, gloves, and a gas mask next to the spray-painted words: PPE and chill.

A picture of a person riding a motorcycle wearing a hat and gas mask applied to a door. Stenciled above the image are the words: Spread no virus.

A bifurcated face appears floating against an orange-speckled background. One half of the face shows a man wearing a face mask; the other half shows a skull, including that failure to wear a face mask can result in death. Text in Arabic reads "Stay…

A casually dressed Prince Harry urges us to "Keep Calm and Wash Hands" by way of a message printed on his hoodie. The work is on the side of a utility box.

A Trojan Horse, representation of the coronavirus, and Eye of Providence are accompanied by text reading "Corona Economic World Coup A Trojan Horse."

Pink spray paint text reading "The Economy or Life?" This is an isolated tag on the wall.

Black spray paint reading "No one is coming to save us BE UNGOVERNABLE." There are no other tags on this wall at the time of the photograph, but evidences of buffs.
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