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Be Human And Have A Party.jpg
This government sign at Assiniboine Forest in Winnipeg, Manitoba has been modified by graffiti. The original sign read,

The modified version reads,

A horizontal mural centered on the words BE STILL....To the right of the text, a medical worker wearing a surgical cap and tying on a surgical mask. On the left, two workers wearing hoodies, masks, and baseball caps wading through water and carrying…

Chef José Andres, founder of the non-profit World Central Kitchen, wears a face mask and holds an enormous bundle of freshly-harvested carrots. Behind him, two figures (also wearing face masks), prepare trays of food for distribution. A third figure…

Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 6.42.46 PM.png
Graffiti of bee wearing a gas mask found in underground tunnel in Vernier, Switzerland.

Located near the site of George Floyd's death (address of this work is 3759 Chicago Ave), this piece addresses the idea that racism is a public health crisis. Text references "Pre-existing condition: Being Black in America." Heart in the center of…

Screen Shot 2021-03-22 at 9.06.59 AM.png
Image shows Bent Høie, the Norwegian Minister of Health, lifting a masked nurse above his head, like an angel (and/or reminiscent of the famous "lift" dance move in the film Dirty Dancing).

An abstracted figure wearing a blue mask, yellow hat, and yellow jacket (representing a construction worker) holds a sign saying "a big thanks." The figure is set against a black background. To the left of the figure we see white text reading "WE…

Vibrant spray-painted mural of an oversize toilet roll with a bird perched on top

A stencil that has appeared in the aftermath of several incidences of police repression in Athens shows two police on a motorbike with the caption "Blue Virus."

Brazil's president, Jair Bolsonaro, wears a dour expression and a bright red clown's nose. Text above his portrait reads: "Máscara dos Bolsonaros contra o Coronavírus:" (The Bolsonaros mask against the coronavirus)

"Artistic representation of a trend that pissed off a generation forced to look at itself." -Jilly Ballistic. The drawing of the cleaning product is titled "boomer remover." This represents a sanitizing of society through COVID-19.

A small, simple tag reading "Boris wants us dead"

Screen Shot 2021-03-20 at 9.31.10 AM.png
This image shows a brunette woman wearing an industrial face mask, with flowers, likely violets, blooming out of the sides. There is no text on the image other than the artist's tag on the mask (Gide1). The image was posted by the artist. Sofiivska…

A poster with text reading "BREXIT" and "Voluntary Self-Isolation" A profile of a figure running and an arrow pointing downward with the British flag as color-fill.

A red, melting popsicle with text reading "Bring Back Ebola," referencing a horrific virus that was less contagious and also more easily contained, in part due to international cooperation.

This short caption shows in simple terms how commanding the A folded piece of paper with text stating that Alexa has tested positive for Coronavirus. American people demand for goods. Working from home, Americans still order from AMAZON, a company…

Spray painted on the glass window real estate agency, blocking the view of postings. Simple black text reads "RENT STRIKE NOW (anarchy symbol)/CAN'T PAY? DON'T/Lettings"

A woman wearing a face mask opens her trench coat to reveal many items she is dealing. These include letters forming the word "HOPE," hands clasped together in gratitude (in the form of an emoji), a dove, and a bird evoking Twitter/social media. Her…

A graffitied slogan in a residential neighborhood of Athens reads: capitalism is the pandemic.

A simple tag reading "Capitalism is the virus." Written on the base of a light post/utility pole.
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