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Multicolored work created by stencil showing Trump's face with text reading "Vote Out The Virus"

A stencil that has appeared in the aftermath of several incidences of police repression in Athens shows two police on a motorbike with the caption "Blue Virus."

A slogan written in Greek on a balcony front in a residential area of Athens reads: "Domestic violence doesn't stop in quarantine: Nobody alone, ever."

A large wheat paste showing an Indigenous person wearing a respirator mask.

A sticker on a post reading "Thank You Essential Workers" next to rainbow text reading "George Floyd." Located at the George Floyd memorial site, near where Floyd was murdered on May 25, 2020.

A slogan written in Greek in a residential neighborhood of Athens reads "The worst virus is capitalism"

A graffitied slogan in a residential neighborhood of Athens reads: capitalism is the pandemic.

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A stencil spray-painted in black on the pavement outside of a neighborhood autonomous social center reads: "With cops and army you do not cure of the COVID-19," followed by the sentence ¡no pasarán! — they shall not pass. There is no artists…

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A sticker found in the neighborhood of Exarcheia shows the image of a face mask inscribed with the words "living la covida loca," an apparent play on the title of the 1999 Ricky Martin song "Livin' la vida loca." The background shows a dense pattern…

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Stenciled red letters read "Patriarchy kills more than any virus."

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Stencil depicting fragments stating "100% public health system" "COVID-19," and "2020."

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Mural depicting a ram skeleton grabbing and squashing COVID-19. Several covid-19 icons float in the background.

The Lennon Wall in Prague, a site of frequently changing graffiti, includes an image of John Lennon. Here he is outfitted with a face mask due to Covid-19. Other messages focus on Tibet and Hong Kong.

A simple tag reading "Quarantane fur die Cops" with anarchy symbol. Translated as "Quarantine the Cops."

Large, simple text reading "COVID-19 EXPOSED CAPITALISM/LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND" on a banner covering fencing. Includes anarchy symbol

Stenciled text on the road reading "Business As Usual Is Over/What Next?"

A green and yellow sticker with orange text reading "UP WITH HOPE."

Large, simple black text reading "We have the face masks/when will the banks burn?"

A simple tag posted on a utility pole reading "WASH UR HANDS" in white.

Small tag reading "Yall really goona pay rent right now?" in black.
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