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A pasteup created by Berlin-based artist duo Various & Gould shows a woman in the process of putting on a mask upon which the bottom half of her face is imprinted.

Sidewlak mask sign_Veselka sidewalk_10.15.20.jpg
Text on the pavement produced with the use of a stencil. It reads "WEAR YOUR" in yellow and "MASK" in black.

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Text reading "We Shall Touch Tomorrow" on a purple poster with forget-me-nots seen in silhouette.

An black-and-white stencil of David Bowie against a teal background. His text bubble reads "WE COULD BE HEROES" and additional text reads "...BY JUST STAYING HOME"

Rosie the Riveter is transformed into a healthcare worker (identified by red cross on her arm), wearing latex gloves nad a surgical face mask. Text reads "We Can Do It!" and Rosie the Responder.

Referencing Rosie the Riveter, this piece depicts a health care worker in blue scrubs wearing a blue mask and blue gloves.

A figure wearing a grey suit, red tie, and blue face mask holds up one hand. Set against a white background, text in black says "we can beat this together." The NHS logo in blue appears at the top.

A image of an anatomical heart with pink text reading "WE ARE STRONGER SIX FEET APART."

One panel shows a healthcare worker in scrubs and a surgical mask. He holds up two fingers to represent "peace" as well as "2 meters." Text reads "#2 meters." The second panel shows a health care worker wearing scrubs and face mask in profile. Text…

Two panels covering the windows of a boarded off storefront. Stenciled letters read "Stay Alive," "Virus Killaz," "We Are One" and "Revolt." A grinning moon appears on the right panel. The faces of two black figures, one with a face mask, appear on…

"We are obligated to be outraged" is projected in all caps white text. A colorful projection moves in the background.

Bottles of Corona Extra with text added to the label. "We Applaud" and "Wash Your Hands"

A painting on a wall of Baby Yoda wearing a face mask. The mask has text stenciled on top that reads "WASH YOUR HANDS YOU MUST". The painting appears to have been done by hand with brushes and is small enough to fit on one concrete brick.

A grave marker with text reading "Wash Your Hands," indicating that a failure to wash hands puts one at risk when faced with a potentially deadly virus.

A poster reading WA$H YOUR HANDS followed by the signature Absurdly Well. The use of the $ in Wash politicizes the message.

Text written on a larger mural reading "Wash ur hands/Cover ur cough/Stop paying rent." This text references the common sense and scientifically-proven methods of preventing virus prevention while simultaneously drawing attention to economic…

A simple tag posted on a utility pole reading "WASH UR HANDS" in white.

Tags written on a larger piece reading "Wash Hands/Avoid Covid19/Stay Safe"

A stencil on pavement reading "Wash Hands Call Grandma"

A historic image of a striding figure fully protected by wardrobe choices that include head covering, goggles, face covering, and thick padded clothing.
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