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Simple red tag reading "Abuse of power comes as no surprise"

A simple tag reading "Abuse of Power is No Surprise"

Two separate yellow murals on walls near each other. Both feature bright yellow backgrounds. Referencing Michelanglo's creation of Adam from the Sistine Ceiling, the left panel has a hand facing right with the text "AFTER THE PLAGUE", and the right…

Simple, large, black text reading "ALL COPS ARE COVID"

A Hello My Name Is...sticker with text reading "All Coronas Are Bastards. A.C.A.B." Referencing the police and perhaps simultaneously the monarchy (with coronas=crowns).

Text reading All Coronavirus Are Bastards (with ACAB marked in red). Three cartoonish figures wearing face masks are confronted with a militaristic rendition of the coronavirus. Wearing riot gear, the coronavirus attacks the three men.

A girl wearing a dress with Peter Pan color with a pig's head mask. She makes the peace sign. Text reads "Pay Taxes As Usual They Said." From the contributor: "A lot of the people lost jobs and have no money to pay a rent, but the government is…

This large mural includes images of three individuals in face masks, representing the medical field and military/police. Background panels are green and orange. Abstract renditions of the coronavirus float against the green panel. Text in Arabic…

Banksy's Girl with a Pierced Eardrum is altered with the addition of a surgical face mask.

A roll of toilet paper with text reading "American Hoarder Story."
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