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A figure seated in meditation, wearing a face mask and protective gloves. Text reads "Let's be careful!"

An image of social distancing between grandparents and a grandchild. The grandfather and grandmother stand together, embracing and looking down at the child with affection. A black arrow marks social distancing between the couple and the child. The…

Two young girls huddled together, hugging the Earth. Text on one girl's arm reads "Stay Calm."

The word "Capitalism" stenciled in black, covered with a sign reading "closed for business."

Brazil's president, Jair Bolsonaro, wears a dour expression and a bright red clown's nose. Text above his portrait reads: "Máscara dos Bolsonaros contra o Coronavírus:" (The Bolsonaros mask against the coronavirus)

Three representations of Trump's head morphed with the coronavirus. The expressions convey smugness, stupidity, and brashness. Rendered in chalk on the sidewalk.

Rosie the Riveter is transformed into a healthcare worker (identified by red cross on her arm), wearing latex gloves nad a surgical face mask. Text reads "We Can Do It!" and Rosie the Responder.

A female doctor puts on a medical mask against the background of a large flag of Russia. The inscription below is in Russian: #Thanks to the Doctors.

Three doctors in protective masks pose for a photo. The horizontal stripe works as an x-ray, so we can see the super hero logos on their chests.

Banksy's Girl with a Pierced Eardrum is altered with the addition of a surgical face mask.

A portrait of Dr. Ai Fen, who rose the alarm about the coronavirus and was silenced, wearing a face mask. Text reads "I am not a whistleblower, I am the one who provided the whistle."

A white poster with image and text in black; A figure wearing a face mask with text reading "Tenants Keep Your Rent/Landlords Keep Your Distance"

COVID-19 QRF featuring Meeko raccoon from the movie Pocahontas
32nd Hospital Center- Southwest Asia 2020
Note that raccoon is nearly an anagram for corona and the creatures wear masks and wash their hands.

A depiction of Trump as Shrek with virus nodules protruding from his head. This image is both cartoonish and highly naturalistic at the same time, as it perfectly captures Trump's typical facial expression. The image is painted on a door, and…

A tightly-cropped image of a woman caught mid-sneeze, expelling gigantic droplets. Given the position of the wall (perpendicular to the pedestrian pathway), the artist creates the illusion that the droplets are infecting people passing by. In this…

A large and colorful mural reading "Seu futuro está nas mãos" (translated as "your future is in your hands") with images of a young figure with respirator mask and a female doctor of Asian descent doing research using a microscope. Images of the…

An image of a young boy holding a belt; text reads "Fica em casa" (translated as "Stay at home"). The boy wears pants and no shirt or belt.

An image of Bolsonaro and Lula facing off. Dollar signs and the coronavirus float around them. One rendition of the virus bites Lula on the figure. Text reads (in Portuguese): Olha o Povo. Enquanto Brigamos Eles Padecem!" (translation: Look at the…

A mosaic tile Mario Brothers doctor with a stencil reading "NOW WASH YOUR FU**ING HANDS." Painted on the wall of the Dean Lane Skatepark.

A yield sign with an image of the COVID-19 virus is placed in a skate park.
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