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Marvin the Martian is standing with his gun raised. In the background are various virus particles. To the right of the image are the words "..Wait Till I Catch That Virus!".

Back 2 School.jpg
Two schoolchildren wearing gas masks are running together. One is holding books, and the other is holding a bag that says "Back 2 School."

Bird nurse.jpg
A masked nurse in green scrubs is holding a bird in her cupped hands. She is in front of a yellow circle, and surrounding the circle are various flowers.

kissing monkeys.jpg
Two monkeys wearing face masks that are about to kiss.

Two figures wearing gas masks are dancing together.

Here we have ET and a man face-to-face, with ET pulling down the man's face mask. ET is wearing goggles.

A figure is dancing in front of a black and grey background. Above and below are the words "Social" and "Dis-Dance".

A wheatpaste with the text "This is Child Abuse" in the center. On either side of the text are the faces of a boy and girl wearing face masks.

Sick and Tide.jpg
A recreation of a Tide bottle with the words "Sick and Tide of Covid" in the center.

A little girl is blowing bubbles, with the bubbles being replaced by the coronavirus.

Vitruvian Man.jpg
A depiction of "Vitruvian Man" by Leonardo da Vinci. The man in the circle is wearing a mask, and surrounding the image are tags from other street artists.

The Closed Australia Open.jpg
A sculpture of a man's face staring directly at the viewer. There is a face mask covering the lower half of the face. Text to the left of the image says "Been working in hotel quarantine... Truth is these masks suck... And the ventilation took the…

Summers Streisand.jpg
Promotional photo from the song "No More Tears (Enough is Enough) by Donna Summer and Barbra Streisand. The singers are featured back-to-back looking towards the viewer, and their faces have been covered by face masks. Text above the two figures…

Red Eye.jpg
A mural of an enlarged, bloodshot human eye. Instead of the pupil is the coronavirus. The eye is staring directly at the viewer.

sorry we're closed.jpg
A mural of a shop sign saying "Sorry We're Closed". The "O" in "Closed" is covered by a depiction of the coronavirus that bounced in from the right side of the image.

A recreation of the Edge of the World scene from Titanic. Jack and Rose are both wearing masks, with Jack physically distancing himself from her.

Mask Flag.jpg
A masked female figure is looking up and waving a mask in the air as one would a flag.

The Mask.jpg
A green man with his head tilted down is dramatically pulling his face mask into place. To the upper left of the image are the words "From Zero To Hero", and to the lower left are the words "Always Carry The Mask".

don't smile.jpg
An African female staring out towards the viewer. She has a green face mask pulled below her chin that has "Don't smile kiss or talk" written on it.

Man holding a slingshot loaded with the coronavirus.
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