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Screenshot 2022-07-29 133823.png
A green creature is painted on a bridge with a speech bubble that reads "Lock Downs Are Illegal."

Screenshot 2022-07-28 133100.png
"Straight Outta Lock Down" is painted in black on a pink metal box. Next to the writing, is a blue figure in a sweater and wearing a mask.

Screenshot 2022-07-28 101901.png
"Lock Down 2 The Nightmare Before Christmas" is painted on the black wall of a pizza building. The words are written in red, blue, and yellow. Next to the phrase, is a blue figure in a Santa Clause costume. They have their hands covering their ears.

Screenshot 2022-07-28 101338.png
"I Get Lockdown But I Get Up Again" is spray painted in black on a brick wall.

A mural depicts a man in a blue beanie with a bindle. Next to the man is a speech bubble that reads "Stay Home!" Underneath the man, "Lockdown 2020" and "Stay Safe" are written. After a while, "Stay Home" was changed to "Staying Home is Brutal!"

This piece depicts a crowd of animals protesting the growing agitation against Covid-19 lockdowns in the United Kingdom. Lead by a monkey yelling through a megaphone, a rhinoceros holds a sign that says "Long Live the Lockdown!," while a polar bear…

This piece shows a mural painted on a sidewalk receptacle. It depicts the character Benson from the tv series Regular Show in a polka-dot sweater and wearing a face mask. Next to him is written: "Straight Outta Lockdown."

This is written in marker on a brick wall: "23rd March 2020, the day shit went tits up."
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