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A poster board in blue, black, and red writing reads "We're #1 In The World! #1 In Covid Cases #1 In Covid Deaths Why?!?" It continues to read "I Alone Can Fix This!" with a signature at the end. This was hanging on the BLM Memorial Fence.

cone with virus.PNG
A wheatpasting depicts an orange and red traffic cone with a white coating over it. Around the cone is an N95 blue face mask. Scattered throughout the cone are human eyes and small virus balls.

A wheatpasting depicts an orange and white traffic cone with hands. In between the hands is a bar of soap and soap suds. Scattered throughout the cone are human eyes.

Back 2 School.jpg
Two schoolchildren wearing gas masks are running together. One is holding books, and the other is holding a bag that says "Back 2 School."

Kiss me im vaccinated.jpg
A green shamrock with blue text saying "Kiss me I'm vaccinated" and the artist's handle "@heartsny" on the stem.

Masked figure on street sign approaching George Floyd Square. Poster reads "Protect Each Other. Justice4Floyd. Masks Help Us All."

Masked figures on street sign approaching George Floyd Square. Poster reads "Protect Us. Justice for George Floyd. Masks Help Us All".

This mural depicts a young Black girl, who is wearing a pink and blue outfit and has pigtails in her hair. She wears a blue headband with cat ears. She wears a blue face mask with the phrase "Black Lives" written in black letters. She holds a brown…

Mural reading "$tate of Emergency" documented in Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle, Washington.

Paste-up and stickers outside Linda's Tavern in Seattle. Paste-ups read "Food Soon" and "Suspended Rent". Stickers read "Fear Causes Racism".

Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 2.41.25 PM.png
One of a series of panels next to the Painted Ladies. This work shows a shirtless man in a cowboy hat, flexing with a facemask and a bandaid covering a recent vaccine injection.

Park bench with graffiti dialogue:
A: COVID is a scam lie
B: I agree!
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