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Screenshot 2022-08-04 122759.png
"200,000+ Covid Deaths" is spray-painted in red next to a wheatpasting of Donald Trump that reads "It Is What It Is."

A wheatpaste with the text "This is Child Abuse" in the center. On either side of the text are the faces of a boy and girl wearing face masks.

Kiss me im vaccinated.jpg
A green shamrock with blue text saying "Kiss me I'm vaccinated" and the artist's handle "@heartsny" on the stem.

This mural depicts a young Black girl, who is wearing a pink and blue outfit and has pigtails in her hair. She wears a blue headband with cat ears. She wears a blue face mask with the phrase "Black Lives" written in black letters. She holds a brown…

Distance marker_one way_11.14.20.jpg
Various markers on the pavement indicate proper social distancing in shared space.

FDR DRive HOAX graffiti .jpg
Graffiti created with black spray paint on a barrier, reading "Covid is a Hoax"
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