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Screenshot 2022-08-04 122759.png
"200,000+ Covid Deaths" is spray-painted in red next to a wheatpasting of Donald Trump that reads "It Is What It Is."

Screenshot 2022-08-04 120956.png
A Campbell's soup can reads "Covid 19's Condensed Virus Soup" with a yellow Covid virus ball.

Screenshot 2022-08-04 114601.png
A figure in a multi-colored hoodie wears a black face mask. Underneath, "Covid-19 Mood" is written in black.

Screenshot 2022-08-04 113839.png
A Coca-Cola can reads "Covid Cola" instead of Coca-Cola.

Screenshot 2022-08-04 113153.png
"Wash Ur Hands And Clean Ur Heart" is written in white on black background.

Screenshot 2022-08-04 111658.png
A teddy bear holds a sign that reads "Free Hugs." "Canceled" is stamped over the teddy bear in big red letters.

Screenshot 2022-08-04 111100.png
A female with a blue face mask and red apron holds a serving tray with a blue Covid virus ball.

Screenshot 2022-08-04 104017.png
Charlie Brown holds a sign that reads "Wash Your Hands." Around Charlie Brown, "Merry Crisis And A Happy New Fear" is written in green and white.

Screenshot 2022-08-04 100455.png
A yellow smiley face wears a white face mask.

Screenshot 2022-08-04 095320.png
"Fight The Virus" is written in black on a poster. Above is a Black Power Fist and Covid virus ball.

Screenshot 2022-08-04 094847.png
A female with a pink apron and white face mask holds a serving tray with a blue and red Covid virus ball.

Screenshot 2022-08-04 093659.png
A Santa Claus wheatpasting wears a blue facial mask that reads "Merry Crisis And A Happy New Fear."

Screenshot 2022-08-03 223318.png
"Baby It's Covid Outside" is written next to a Santa Clause with a blue face mask.

Screenshot 2022-08-03 222718.png
"Baby It's Covid Outside" is painted on a blue and red virus ball.

Screenshot 2022-08-03 221709.png
A black planchette ouija board piece reads "Wash Your Hands Or Else."

Screenshot 2022-08-03 220935.png
"Victory To The NHS" is spray-painted in white on a red wall.

Screenshot 2022-08-03 220223.png
"Super Bros Covid" is written around a bomb that is lit.

Screenshot 2022-08-03 215219.png
A corn popper has Covid virus balls inside of plastic balls. On the side, it reads "Roll With It" in red.

Screenshot 2022-08-03 214319.png
"Covid" is drawn on a red brick wall in chalk. Underneath, there are Covid virus balls.
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