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  • Collection: Battling the Virus: Didactic Imagery

Screenshot 2022-08-04 122040.png
"Surfs Up! And So Is Covid" is written next to a blue wave with a sunset.

Screenshot 2022-08-04 113153.png
"Wash Ur Hands And Clean Ur Heart" is written in white on black background.

Screenshot 2022-08-04 112316.png
A teddy bear holds a sign that reads "Free Hugs." "Canceled" is stamped over the teddy bear in big red letters.

Screenshot 2022-08-04 111100.png
A female with a blue face mask and red apron holds a serving tray with a blue Covid virus ball.

Screenshot 2022-08-04 095320.png
"Fight The Virus" is written in black on a poster. Above is a Black Power Fist and Covid virus ball.

Screenshot 2022-08-03 221709.png
A black planchette ouija board piece reads "Wash Your Hands Or Else."

Screenshot 2022-08-03 214319.png
"Covid" is drawn on a red brick wall in chalk. Underneath, there are Covid virus balls.

Screenshot 2022-08-03 094506.png
"Hide Yo Grandma" is written in white on a purple virus ball.

Screenshot 2022-08-02 154210.png
"Unmasked Terror" is spray-painted in red around two figures. One figure appears to be scaring another person since they are unmasked. The other figure, who is masked, appears frightened as they have their hands up to their face. A speech bubble from…

Screenshot 2022-08-02 144356.png
A purple smiley face reads "Still Covid Crazy" on the inside of the face.

Screenshot 2022-08-02 143121.png
A heart sticker reads "Have A Heart Stay Two Meters Apart."

Screenshot 2022-08-02 141228.png
"No Love For Covid :(" is spray-painted in black on a purple wall.

Screenshot 2022-08-02 134348.png
"Beware of Covid-19" is spray-painted in yellow and red on the side of a wall.

Screenshot 2022-08-01 085719.png
A street mural portrays a male in a mask. The mask has a variety of abstract shapes and designs on it.

Screenshot 2022-07-29 143836.png
A blue and yellow bird stands on top of a Covid-19 test.

Screenshot 2022-07-29 142254.png
"Covid Sucks" is written in white on a rock. The tittle of the "i" in "Covid" is a heart.

Screenshot 2022-07-28 101901.png
"Lock Down 2 The Nightmare Before Christmas" is painted on the black wall of a pizza building. The words are written in red, blue, and yellow. Next to the phrase, is a blue figure in a Santa Clause costume. They have their hands covering their ears.

Screenshot 2022-07-28 092310.png
A wheatpasting poster reads "Have a Splendid Lockdown" with an image of a guy giving a thumbs up.

A stencil of a coronavirus in orange, red, and black.
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