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  • Collection: New Norms and Social Realities

A toddler holds a face mask and looks at with affection; the newest generation's first memories will be full of face masks and social distancing. The image of the toddler is created with a wheatpaste photograph; text in black Sharpie reads "A new…

An alteration to a advertisement. In the style of a New Yorker cartoon, two dinosaurs are looking out to the incoming meteorite for which they have failed to plan. The original text is altered to read "Oh NO the Economy!"

A simple age reading "Divided We Stand United We Fall." Reversing the common and nationalistic phrase United We Stand, Divided We Fall, this tag focuses on the importance of social distancing.

The artist's signature woman created with a simple black outline, accompanied by text reading "Can I get coronavirus if I make out with a stranger?" This artist points to the confusion revolving around COVID-19.

Erenthal's signature character with text reading "Flights are cheap. Where to?" This image shows the willingness of people to travel once the airlines dropped their ticket prices.

The artist's signature line drawing of a woman with text reading "The world needs a gigantic air group hug." How can we come together while social distancing? This work shows that we can stand together and stand strong through showing compassion from…

On the surface of a large television situated next to a dumpster, Erenthal's signature line-drawn woman is juxtaposed with text reading "In times of crisis, make more art."

Erenthal's signature line-drawing of a woman with text reading "Please keep 6 feet away from me."

The word love is written in multiple colors in cursive. A pint rectangle is superimposed over it that says "Love is standing six-feet apart." Next to it is a hand making a peace sign with love written in cursive on it with text in blue rectangles…

Birds sitting on telephone wire, with toilet paper rolls on string draped over wire. Text reading 'Does that mean the coronavirus is in this area' and 'Oh no, I've just got over bird flu'.

A monumental roll of toilet paper with text reading "Don't Panic!" set against a dark blue background.

A bottle of Corona Extra marked with text reading "Stay At Home"

Bottles of Corona Extra with text added to the label. "We Applaud" and "Wash Your Hands"

A poster intended to be printed at 6'10". Stencil-style text (in black) reads "6 FT is not just a rule(r) to keep us all safe. It is a love note. A kindness. It's solidarity in action." A large red arrow (in hand-drawn style) marks off 6 feet.

A girl wearing a face mask and a crown holds a sign reading "No Hugs" with a frowning face.

A red typewriter (stencil) with a sheet of paper emerging that reads "I miss the f ck out of you" (wheatpaste)

Black text reading "namastay Home" (Blackletter typeface), surrounded by paint splatters.

A large piece reading ca va mal aller (things aren't going well) with a smiley face virus in the middle of "mal." Set aggainst a pink bubble background.

A drooling virus with seven eyes, pointy teeth, and aggressive spikes, accompanied by text reading "STAY SAFE!"

A collaborative work with Ox Alien's colorful renditions of the corona virus on the left and KBTR's sneezing gnome on the right. A bit of toilet paper is unrolled on the floor, and the mural includes text reading #staysafe.
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