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  • Collection: New Norms and Social Realities

A couple (male and female) ignoring social distancing guidelines by kissing, but also wearing face masks. The figures are rendered boldly in black and white, and the face masks are adorned with a multi-colored floral pattern. The woman's eyes are…

A representation of a woman (shades of orange and yellow) wearing a face mask/surgical mask.

A tightly-cropped image of a woman's face, wearing a respirator/face mask. The woman is monochromatic, with bright blue eyes, contrasting with the orange of the respirator.

Gollum holds a roll of toilet paper; a speech bubble says "Mein Schatz" ("My Precious")

A male figure (possibly Asian) wearing a face mask. This figure is part of a larger wall with a great deal of taggging.

The head of an Asian person wears a face mask. A hand wearing a glove shows the peace sign (second and middle fingers raised, other fingers curled up). Yellow smiley emojis surround the head.

Two human figures stand in a dark and ominous setting wearing protective gear including helmets and face masks spray sanitizer from a spray bottle and a large canister to battle the coronavirus. One figure wears a bag with rolls of toilet paper…

A tightly-cropped image of a woman caught mid-sneeze, expelling gigantic droplets. Given the position of the wall (perpendicular to the pedestrian pathway), the artist creates the illusion that the droplets are infecting people passing by. In this…

Snow White with tattoos on her arm, wears a face mask and holds a colorful Easter egg. Text written in bubble letters next to her reads: Happy Easter.

White text on a red wall reads: Stay Home Life is Beautiful.
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