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  • Collection: New Norms and Social Realities

This image shows a message written in gold marker on a wall, that says: "Your dad wears a face mask to online shop."

A blue figure with a green face and sunglasses calmly flips through a book entitled "How to Survive a Pandemic" while sipping coffee and indulging in snacks. The figure wears a bathrobe and a towel on the head. Text says "You're Doing Amazing…

A woman wears a face mask that is decorated with an image a map, indicating the global spread of the coronavirus. Pasted up on a window.

A woman seen in profile, holding a face mask to her face. An abstract image of a bird appears behind her, set against a blue background.

An image of a woman in profile, wearing a face mask.

A pink-haired woman wearing a gasmask.

Stenciled text on the road reading "Business As Usual Is Over/What Next?"

In large lettering, "WHAT DAY IS IT?"

A pasteup created by Berlin-based artist duo Various & Gould shows a woman in the process of putting on a mask upon which the bottom half of her face is imprinted.

Sidewlak mask sign_Veselka sidewalk_10.15.20.jpg
Text on the pavement produced with the use of a stencil. It reads "WEAR YOUR" in yellow and "MASK" in black.

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Text reading "We Shall Touch Tomorrow" on a purple poster with forget-me-nots seen in silhouette.

Two panels covering the windows of a boarded off storefront. Stenciled letters read "Stay Alive," "Virus Killaz," "We Are One" and "Revolt." A grinning moon appears on the right panel. The faces of two black figures, one with a face mask, appear on…

Bottles of Corona Extra with text added to the label. "We Applaud" and "Wash Your Hands"

A grave marker with text reading "Wash Your Hands," indicating that a failure to wash hands puts one at risk when faced with a potentially deadly virus.

A stencil on pavement reading "Wash Hands Call Grandma"

A historic image of a striding figure fully protected by wardrobe choices that include head covering, goggles, face covering, and thick padded clothing.

Wanna Zoom written across a woman's bikini top, contained within a heart.

A collaborative work on a covered-up door with wheatpaste and sticker pieces by various artists. All pieces show faces wearing face masks.

A wheatpaste piece featuring a painting of a man, asleep in bed and wearing a mask. The headboard of the bed reads "Wake me up when it's over," and an alarm clock on the nightstand reads "20:20" in reference to the year.

A cartoon, anthropomorphized image of the coronoavirus in green.
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