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  • Collection: New Norms and Social Realities

A couple (male and female) ignoring social distancing guidelines by kissing, but also wearing face masks. The figures are rendered boldly in black and white, and the face masks are adorned with a multi-colored floral pattern. The woman's eyes are…

A young (white and heterosexual) couple removes their facial masks to kiss.

A depiction of a tattooed Snow White with a face mask on holding a colorful egg. There are the words "Frohe Ostern" painted next to her, which means "Happy Easter" in German.

A male figure (possibly Asian) wearing a face mask. This figure is part of a larger wall with a great deal of taggging.

Face masks and scarves adorn a public sculpture (cast in bronze) depicting an ordinary woman carrying a child on her back.

The artist's signature woman created with a simple black outline, accompanied by text reading "Can I get coronavirus if I make out with a stranger?" This artist points to the confusion revolving around COVID-19.

A two-paneled comic strip format. The first panel shows a masked man in a cowboy hat holding an old-fashioned, corded telephone. His speech bubble says "Howdy! How Are You?" In this panel, it is daytime in the desert. In the next panel, a woman, also…

Screen Shot 2021-03-20 at 11.43.44 AM.png
This image shows an adorable cat wearing a face mask.

Birds sitting on telephone wire, with toilet paper rolls on string draped over wire. Text reading 'Does that mean the coronavirus is in this area' and 'Oh no, I've just got over bird flu'.

A tightly-cropped image of a woman caught mid-sneeze, expelling gigantic droplets. Given the position of the wall (perpendicular to the pedestrian pathway), the artist creates the illusion that the droplets are infecting people passing by. In this…

Two human figures stand in a dark and ominous setting wearing protective gear including helmets and face masks spray sanitizer from a spray bottle and a large canister to battle the coronavirus. One figure wears a bag with rolls of toilet paper…

The artist's signature line drawing of a woman with text reading "The world needs a gigantic air group hug." How can we come together while social distancing? This work shows that we can stand together and stand strong through showing compassion from…

The artist made alterations to an existing mural showing a woman with a drink. He added a face mask and the words "Fuck Corona."

This piece features an Uncle Sam, depicted as a person of color, wearing a mask that says "Vote" across it.

touch me.png
An anatomically-correct heart wearing a mask painted on a wall. A speech bubble comes from an eye above the heart, stating ‘TOUCH ME, PLEASE’. Both the eye and heart are dripping a green substance. Below the heart are spray painted letters applied…

A character opens his trench coat to reveal rolls of toilet paper. His speech bubble says "Hi!....pssst...Willst du Toilettenpapier kaufen?" (Translation: do you want to buy toilet paper?)

A roll of toilet paper with the German flag, placed over tags and throwies on a well-used wall.

From the artist "We are in an important moment establishing new norms to keep each other safe. Thousands of Wear A Mask stickers were printed and distributed around NY and 10 states to help. Listen to science and wear a dang mask. Small action, big…

new monday.png
On a white wall with a light fixture at the top is a wheatpasted image of a man sitting on a chair. He is wearing a white collar shirt, tie, and blazer on top, with white boxers and no pants. He is wearing socks held up with garters and slippers and…

Hands folding in prayer, evoking Christian imagery. Soap bubbles and water are visible on the figure's hands, transforming prayer into hand washing. In the context of President Trump's declaration that a "miracle" will come, this image reminds us…
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