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  • Collection: New Norms and Social Realities

A collaborative work with Ox Alien's colorful renditions of the corona virus on the left and KBTR's sneezing gnome on the right. A bit of toilet paper is unrolled on the floor, and the mural includes text reading #staysafe.

A graffitied slogan on a metal construction fence reads "Go with the flu." The humorous piece appeared alongside several more political interventions in the neighborhood of Exarcheia, which is known as an "anarchist fortress."

Gollum holds a roll of toilet paper; a speech bubble says "Mein Schatz" ("My Precious")

A roll of toilet paper with text reading "greed."

A young man wearing a face mask sits on a rock and plays the guitar. He is surrounded by a circle of music notations.

Jason Voorhees wearing a medical mask over his hockey mask

An Old School Mix tape being wound with a pencil (@gearyandhydedesign) juxtaposed it seven honey bears wearing face masks. One of the bears is actually a bottle of hand sanitizer.

From the artist: "We are in an important moment establishing new norms to keep each other safe. Thousands of Wear A Mask stickers were printed and distributed around NY and 10 states to help. Listen to science and wear a dang mask. Small action, big…

A play on the 2014 movie Housebound, one of the artist's signature-style characters (collage figure with large head and cute hair bow) holds a house with text reading "Housebound."

Portrait of a woman with dramatic yellow lilies in her hair, wearing a face mask.

Text in black, block letters reading "I am the great Cornholio I need TP for my Bunghole! Stop hoarding, Morons!" with an image of a crazed Bevis.

A simple, repeated stencil reading "I can't wait 2 hug u!"

A cheeseburger with one eye, the artist's signature character, with text reading "I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE U AGAIN."

A cute teddy bear holds a sign that says "FREE HUGS." The bear, rendered in black and white, is stamped with the word "CANCELLED" in large, red letters.

A red typewriter (stencil) with a sheet of paper emerging that reads "I miss the f ck out of you" (wheatpaste)

A young girl seen in profile, wearing a face mask. She is absorbed looking a phone. A text bubble reads "I need some time alone."

This mural features a bright yellow background with text of "IF YOU'RE READING THIS, GO HOME" in an uppercase, handwritten font. The font/style of the words is meant to look like the artist Drake's album cover 'If You're Reading This It's Too Late.'

A large wheat paste showing an Indigenous person wearing a respirator mask.

A blond woman and her child express shock. The mother's thought bubble says "It's All Gone..." Although there is not toilet paper in the image, this is presumed to be the subject. Pop Art, comic strip style.

A stencil reading: "Je ne pense covid qui nos sépare." This may be translated as "I don’t think it is Covid that separates us," but the sentence is not grammatically correct in French, allowing for a play on words. After “pense” there should be a…
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