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  • Collection: New Norms and Social Realities

A pink stylized representation of the Coronavirus with text reading "Vaccinate Me, Daddy."

In a dark and ominous setting a man stands protectively next to a youth wearing a face mask who leans into him.

A tightly-cropped image of a woman's face, wearing a respirator/face mask. The woman is monochromatic, with bright blue eyes, contrasting with the orange of the respirator.

A representation of a woman (shades of orange and yellow) wearing a face mask/surgical mask.

A glamorous woman wears a face mask with the word fear written on it in blood.

An adaptation of an existing Urban Ninja character, adding a face mask and the words "Stay Safe."

A shady man opens his dark trench coat to reveal several rolls of illicit toilet paper for sale. This stencil is located outside of a CVS, where no doubt toilet paper was in high demand at the time this work went up.

From within a hole, a black and white skull holds a cloth to its face with a flesh hand to cover its nose and mouth.

Erenthal's signature line-drawing of a woman with text reading "Please keep 6 feet away from me."

On the surface of a large television situated next to a dumpster, Erenthal's signature line-drawn woman is juxtaposed with text reading "In times of crisis, make more art."

Erenthal's signature character with text reading "Flights are cheap. Where to?" This image shows the willingness of people to travel once the airlines dropped their ticket prices.

White text on a red wall reads: Stay Home Life is Beautiful.

A picture of a person riding a motorcycle wearing a hat and gas mask applied to a door. Stenciled above the image are the words: Spread no virus.

Set against a black backdrop, a fashionable young woman walks through the city streets protected by her own personal soap bubble. This piece is painted on a utility box.

Snow White with tattoos on her arm, wears a face mask and holds a colorful Easter egg. Text written in bubble letters next to her reads: Happy Easter.

A monumental figure in a dark hoodie wears a respirator mask. The figure is set against a dramatic orange and black background evoking an apocalyptic event.

An image affixed to the wall of a person wearing a protective body suit, gloves, and a gas mask next to the spray-painted words: PPE and chill.

The head of an Asian person wears a face mask. A hand wearing a glove shows the peace sign (second and middle fingers raised, other fingers curled up). Yellow smiley emojis surround the head.

Evoking the "model family," a nicely dressed, white couple poses with their small child. The child and father each hold a large package of toilet paper and the mother holds a roll of toilet paper. They all three wear face masks. Stenciled text reads…

The word love is written in multiple colors in cursive. A pint rectangle is superimposed over it that says "Love is standing six-feet apart." Next to it is a hand making a peace sign with love written in cursive on it with text in blue rectangles…
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