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  • Collection: New Norms and Social Realities

A black horse against a white ground, seen in profile. Text on the horse's blanket reads "SEDE IN DOMO TUA/LAVA MANUS" (Stay at Home/Wash Hands).

A poster intended to be printed at 6'10". Stencil-style text (in black) reads "6 FT is not just a rule(r) to keep us all safe. It is a love note. A kindness. It's solidarity in action." A large red arrow (in hand-drawn style) marks off 6 feet.

A toddler holds a face mask and looks at with affection; the newest generation's first memories will be full of face masks and social distancing. The image of the toddler is created with a wheatpaste photograph; text in black Sharpie reads "A new…

A large piece reading ca va mal aller (things aren't going well) with a smiley face virus in the middle of "mal." Set aggainst a pink bubble background.

A roll of toilet paper with text reading "American Hoarder Story."

A wheatpasted photograph of person wearing a full hazmat suit accompanied by text (in Sharpie) reading ANOTHER NEW NORMAL. This represents what the "new normal" for commuters across the world.

A monumental image of a woman wearing a face mask. The artist indicated that this was not necessarily intended as a tribute, but rather as a marker of the times we are experiencing.

Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 6.42.46 PM.png
Graffiti of bee wearing a gas mask found in underground tunnel in Vernier, Switzerland.

Vibrant spray-painted mural of an oversize toilet roll with a bird perched on top

Mural showcasing a cross-legged seated figure wearing a mask and meditating, set on a bright yellow background. There is a black/galactic print above the figure's head. There is block print on either side of the figure, "CLOSE YOUR DOORS." and "OPEN…
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