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  • Collection: New Norms and Social Realities

A face covered below with a mask and above with gloved hands, leaving only the eyes uncovered.

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This image shows a message written in gold marker on a wall, that says: "Your dad wears a face mask to online shop."

'Stay at home, it's not a joke' graffiti on bombed out building in Idlib, Syria 2020. The text is accompanied by angry, aggressive cartoon-like representations of the virus.

Sidewlak mask sign_Veselka sidewalk_10.15.20.jpg
Text on the pavement produced with the use of a stencil. It reads "WEAR YOUR" in yellow and "MASK" in black.

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A sticker showing a figure wearing a lucha libre mask as well as a protective face mask. Text reads "No Seas Mamón. Ponte Una Máscara (Don't Be An Asshole Wear A Mask)" This is directly adjacent to a sticker showing a burning police station with…

Stickers seen on the back of a street sign

A simple, repeated stencil reading "I can't wait 2 hug u!"

A large wheat paste showing an Indigenous person wearing a respirator mask.

49971238113_92efcf9e9f_k - Julia Tulke.jpg
A sticker found in the neighborhood of Exarcheia shows the image of a face mask inscribed with the words "living la covida loca," an apparent play on the title of the 1999 Ricky Martin song "Livin' la vida loca." The background shows a dense pattern…

photo by redesycalles.png
Stencil depicting fragments stating "100% public health system" "COVID-19," and "2020."

photo by @acruzvaz in instagram_june 7.png
Mural depicting a ram skeleton grabbing and squashing COVID-19. Several covid-19 icons float in the background.

The Lennon Wall in Prague, a site of frequently changing graffiti, includes an image of John Lennon. Here he is outfitted with a face mask due to Covid-19. Other messages focus on Tibet and Hong Kong.

Stenciled text on the road reading "Business As Usual Is Over/What Next?"

A stencil on pavement reading "Wash Hands Call Grandma"

A roll of toilet paper with the German flag, placed over tags and throwies on a well-used wall.

Openings on a tour bus window with gloves that would allow the tourist to break out of the bubble. Reminiscent of a neonatal crib. The work illustrates an critique of tourism in the times of the pandemic and thereafter.

A tag placed atop a mural by the artist ATH1281 reads "COVID-19 was here." There is an additional tag reading "WTF GUYS." The intervention appeared around the time of the lifting of Greece's lockdown on May 4.

A graffitied slogan on a metal construction fence reads "Go with the flu." The humorous piece appeared alongside several more political interventions in the neighborhood of Exarcheia, which is known as an "anarchist fortress."

An older tag reading "NZ stand (together)" in response to Christchurch shooting has been updated with text reading "2 m apart."

Speech bubbles with text reading "KEEP YO' DISTANCE SUCKA!" and "WASH YO' HANDS"
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