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  • Collection: New Norms and Social Realities

A thin, pale figure, the artist's signature character, wearing a face mask.

Juliet reaching out from the balcony.
The balcony is a graph of the number of infected people in Corona.
If this goes down a little more, she will connect with Romeo.
The number below represents "After 567 (COVID-19 in Japanese)".

A red typewriter (stencil) with a sheet of paper emerging that reads "I miss the f ck out of you" (wheatpaste)

In this mural/installation that spans across two buildings, a man and a woman face each other, but are separated by a void (filled with a rendition of the virus). From the artist: "The COVID-19 pandemic is about - among many others - distance; humans…

touch me.png
An anatomically-correct heart wearing a mask painted on a wall. A speech bubble comes from an eye above the heart, stating ‘TOUCH ME, PLEASE’. Both the eye and heart are dripping a green substance. Below the heart are spray painted letters applied…

A monumental image of a woman wearing a face mask. The artist indicated that this was not necessarily intended as a tribute, but rather as a marker of the times we are experiencing.

A pasteup created by Berlin-based artist duo Various & Gould shows a woman in the process of putting on a mask upon which the bottom half of her face is imprinted.

An adaptation of an existing Urban Ninja character, adding a face mask and the words "Stay Safe."

A young (white and heterosexual) masked couple kiss. The male figure is holding a single red rose. Large red text behind the embracing couple reads 'ONE LOVE'.

Large bubble letters read LOVE HATE PARTY! COVID! A bear is set against a background of soap bubbles, wearing a face mask. Speech bubble says "#STAYSAFE! #STAYHOME! #STAYWHITE

Medieval lovers are caught up in a romantic embrace. They manage to kiss through their face masks, and each of them clutches a bottle of hand sanitizer.

This image shows a dirty, used blue face mask, matted and framed, hung up on a street wall. Next to it is a label imitating a museum label, with the title of the piece and a description of its materials.

Utilizing an existing standpipe on the side of a building to serve as the face mask, this piece depicts a nurse wearing scrubs-style dress. She holds a clipboard and wears a nurse's cap. Her mask reads "N95."

Jason Voorhees wearing a medical mask over his hockey mask

A collaborative work on a covered-up door with wheatpaste and sticker pieces by various artists. All pieces show faces wearing face masks.

A wheatpaste of a couple holding each other, faces close together. The man is wearing a suit and tie, and the women has on a bright red top. Both are masked. A bright yellow circle behind the man's head reads "Practice safe six," a plan on words of…

A wheatpaste piece, adhered to a wood panel, depicting a girl wearing a yellow dress with a white apron, a blue medical mask, and a graduation cap. She is holding a bright red heart, and another smaller heart appears sewn on the skirt of her dress.…

A wheatpaste piece featuring a painting of a man, asleep in bed and wearing a mask. The headboard of the bed reads "Wake me up when it's over," and an alarm clock on the nightstand reads "20:20" in reference to the year.

This piece depicts a woman wearing a mask and pink apron, carrying a large turkey on a platter. The mask has "2020" written across it, while the apron has the text "stick a form in me I'm done" written on it.

This piece features an Uncle Sam, depicted as a person of color, wearing a mask that says "Vote" across it.
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