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  • Collection: New Norms and Social Realities

The head of an Asian person wears a face mask. A hand wearing a glove shows the peace sign (second and middle fingers raised, other fingers curled up). Yellow smiley emojis surround the head.

An image of social distancing between grandparents and a grandchild. The grandfather and grandmother stand together, embracing and looking down at the child with affection. A black arrow marks social distancing between the couple and the child. The…

A tightly-cropped image of a woman caught mid-sneeze, expelling gigantic droplets. Given the position of the wall (perpendicular to the pedestrian pathway), the artist creates the illusion that the droplets are infecting people passing by. In this…

Vibrant spray-painted mural of an oversize toilet roll with a bird perched on top

Two composite posters designed in black and yellow criticize the normalization of face masks and social distancing. One shows an image of public transit passengers clad in masks and staring at their phone juxtaposed with the caption "New Normal? (in…

Painting in simple black lines, an image of an "art gallery" with "canvases" hanging on the wall. All of the paintings depict the coronavirus.

A woman seen in profile, holding a face mask to her face. An abstract image of a bird appears behind her, set against a blue background.

A reclining, pink, nude figure with blue hair holds a bag of snacks. Text reads 'Stay Home Eat Snax"

The artist made alterations to an existing mural showing a woman with a drink. He added a face mask and the words "Fuck Corona."

A blond woman and her child express shock. The mother's thought bubble says "It's All Gone..." Although there is not toilet paper in the image, this is presumed to be the subject. Pop Art, comic strip style.
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