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  • Collection: New Norms and Social Realities

A pasteup created by Berlin-based artist duo Various & Gould shows a woman in the process of putting on a mask upon which the bottom half of her face is imprinted.

A large wheat paste showing an Indigenous person wearing a respirator mask.

An image of a girl wearing a dress with a Peter Pan color. She wears a face mask and is discarding a pair of gloves in the garbage bin.

Painting in simple black lines, an image of an "art gallery" with "canvases" hanging on the wall. All of the paintings depict the coronavirus.


49971238113_92efcf9e9f_k - Julia Tulke.jpg
A sticker found in the neighborhood of Exarcheia shows the image of a face mask inscribed with the words "living la covida loca," an apparent play on the title of the 1999 Ricky Martin song "Livin' la vida loca." The background shows a dense pattern…

2241F829-D92D-445C-AC14-A39FAD8379F9 - Lia Arraiano.jpeg
The artwork consists of 5 masked babies all bearing masks with different words: Isolation, Selfishness, Longing, Mistrust, Paranoia. Under the babies is the sentence “Anxiety kills more than the Coronavirus”

photo by redesycalles.png
Stencil depicting fragments stating "100% public health system" "COVID-19," and "2020."

photo by @acruzvaz in instagram_june 7.png
Mural depicting a ram skeleton grabbing and squashing COVID-19. Several covid-19 icons float in the background.

The Lennon Wall in Prague, a site of frequently changing graffiti, includes an image of John Lennon. Here he is outfitted with a face mask due to Covid-19. Other messages focus on Tibet and Hong Kong.

A play on the 2014 movie Housebound, one of the artist's signature-style characters (collage figure with large head and cute hair bow) holds a house with text reading "Housebound."

An image of the earth with protruding spikes of the coronavirus, painted on a metal gate.

Utilizing an existing standpipe on the side of a building to serve as the face mask, this piece depicts a nurse wearing scrubs-style dress. She holds a clipboard and wears a nurse's cap. Her mask reads "N95."

A young man wearing a face mask sits on a rock and plays the guitar. He is surrounded by a circle of music notations.

A woman seen in profile, holding a face mask to her face. An abstract image of a bird appears behind her, set against a blue background.

An Old School Mix tape being wound with a pencil (@gearyandhydedesign) juxtaposed it seven honey bears wearing face masks. One of the bears is actually a bottle of hand sanitizer.

A doll-like figure with a graceful body and an enormous head. Her large sunglasses have text reading "Step Back" and her dress has a collage of letters reading "Space is the New Black."

A black horse against a white ground, seen in profile. Text on the horse's blanket reads "SEDE IN DOMO TUA/LAVA MANUS" (Stay at Home/Wash Hands).

A blue figure with a green face and sunglasses calmly flips through a book entitled "How to Survive a Pandemic" while sipping coffee and indulging in snacks. The figure wears a bathrobe and a towel on the head. Text says "You're Doing Amazing…

A roll of toilet paper with text reading "greed."
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