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  • Collection: New Norms and Social Realities

Simple black letters (created with a Sharpie) reading "Covid is A scam." This appears on a road block that was used to transform a vehicular road into a pedestrian pathway.

Stickers seen on the back of a street sign

A tag placed atop a mural by the artist ATH1281 reads "COVID-19 was here." There is an additional tag reading "WTF GUYS." The intervention appeared around the time of the lifting of Greece's lockdown on May 4.

Screen Shot 2021-03-28 at 9.40.27 AM.png
This whaetpaste shows an altered Coca-Cola advertisement. A family gathers around a table with a Christmas tree in the background. Each figure is wearing a face mask and the text is changed to read: "Covid-Cola: Everyday is a 6 People Celebration."…

A semi-abstract mural in the center of Vienna critiques the impulse towards hoarding groceries in the COVID-19 crisis. With the artists' tag—RUIN—stylized in the background, the piece juxtaposes an empty shopping bag attributed to Billa (one of the…

A simple age reading "Divided We Stand United We Fall." Reversing the common and nationalistic phrase United We Stand, Divided We Fall, this tag focuses on the importance of social distancing.

Two pieces juxtaposed on one utility box. Hearts NY's heart with text reading "Masks Save Lives" and Captain Eyeliner's cat wearing a face mask with text reading "Protect the Vulnerable/Don't be a Mask Hole"

A monumental roll of toilet paper with text reading "Don't Panic!" set against a dark blue background.

Screen Shot 2021-03-22 at 9.32.42 AM.png
This image depicts a woman and her reflection, in a heart shape, one wearing a face mask, and with "2020" written between them.

Caption from photographer:

Девчонки - из свеженького омского стрит-арта. Из горячих новостей - масочный режим в…

An image of the planet Earth with a giant closed sign dangling from the North Pole.

A fuzzy green anthropomorphized virus makes an obscene hand gesture. Text reading "COVID-19" serves as an identifier.

Cartoon ghosts wearing face masks float across the wall.

A thin, pale figure, the artist's signature character, wearing a face mask.

First in, Last Out COVID Tour 2020- 358th Fighter Squadron, 495th Fighter Group, Bagram Afghanistan

The mural features a bright yellow background with a woman wearing a face mask on the left side and a graph of infection rate on the right side. Text reads Flatten The Curve

A stylized virus with text reading "Free Hugs."

Simple tag, white on black surface, reading "Fuck Covid 19 Give Us 20/20

photo by @acruzvaz in instagram_june 7.png
Mural depicting a ram skeleton grabbing and squashing COVID-19. Several covid-19 icons float in the background.

Screen Shot 2021-03-22 at 9.28.01 AM.png
Mural is of a woman in traditional Russian folk costume, holding a traditional loaf of bread used in welcoming ceremonies. The original mural has faded since its 2019 creation, and in 2020 a face mask was added to her.

Sponsored by the…

A collaborative work with Ox Alien's colorful renditions of the corona virus on the left and KBTR's sneezing gnome on the right. A bit of toilet paper is unrolled on the floor, and the mural includes text reading #staysafe.
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