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  • Collection: New Norms and Social Realities

A large mural depicting Damiano de Andre wearing a colorful face mask. The face mask includes colorful images of stars and other abstract shapes, along with text reading "THINK" and "FEEL." Small text reads @DAMIANO DE ANDRE 2020. Graffiti,…

Screenshot 2022-03-21 120034.png
A mural depicts a variety of different scenes where face masks have been abandoned on the street. It is a culmination of 2-3 months of graft when the artist went on their daily locks during lockdown.

The artist explains "I love this stuff as…

A wheatpaste reads "Abolish Human Contact" with a red virus ball.

A mould of the artist's face and hands is installed on a wall. The lips of the face are puckered. Written over the mould in black paint is the word "Covid." The words are written in a certain way to resemble jail bars.

boy and girl.png
A stencil on a wall depicts a silhouette of a little boy and girl standing close to each other. Each of them holds a blue face mask behind their back.

Back 2 School.jpg
Two schoolchildren wearing gas masks are running together. One is holding books, and the other is holding a bag that says "Back 2 School."

kissing monkeys.jpg
Two monkeys wearing face masks that are about to kiss.

Two figures wearing gas masks are dancing together.

A little girl is blowing bubbles, with the bubbles being replaced by the coronavirus.

The Closed Australia Open.jpg
A sculpture of a man's face staring directly at the viewer. There is a face mask covering the lower half of the face. Text to the left of the image says "Been working in hotel quarantine... Truth is these masks suck... And the ventilation took the…

Red Eye.jpg
A mural of an enlarged, bloodshot human eye. Instead of the pupil is the coronavirus. The eye is staring directly at the viewer.

don't smile.jpg
An African female staring out towards the viewer. She has a green face mask pulled below her chin that has "Don't smile kiss or talk" written on it.

Man holding a slingshot loaded with the coronavirus.

In this together.jpg
Image of a child holding a stuffed animal, both wearing masks.

A series of stencils showing various faces wearing masks. This is located behind a gate/wall that also included Covid-19 related stencils.

Painted directly on the wall of a historic building in Trastevere, an image of a young person with prominent eyebrows and a baseball cap wearing a face mask. This wall also contains peeling paste-ups and graffiti.


Eighteen line drawings of figures, each with a different hair style or head covering. Each figure is shown in profile and wearing a blue surgical mask.


A representation of a green coronavirus exploding as if a volcanic eruption.

5_14 Subway closure.JPG
Subway closed for disinfection (and possibly to reduce the number of homeless people sleeping on trains) during Covid-19. A significant change for the city and its residents.

A wheatpaste of a couple holding each other, faces close together. The man is wearing a suit and tie, and the women has on a bright red top. Both are masked. A bright yellow circle behind the man's head reads "Practice safe six," a plan on words of…
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