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  • Collection: Diversity, Inclusion, and Social & Economic Justice

A white poster with image and text in black; A figure wearing a face mask with text reading "Tenants Keep Your Rent/Landlords Keep Your Distance"

A set of posters—one in English, one in Greek—to raise awareness for the issue of domestic violence during quarantine. The poster contains a description of the situation of those for whom "being with our families or partners is just as threatening as…

A monumental image of a woman curled up and sleeping on the sidewalk, unprotected from the elements. Text running across the top of the image reads "you can't stay at home if you have no home."

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 3.54.04 PM.png
Two adolescents, one Black and one white, elbow bump each other. They wear face masks and maintain proper a proper social distance while still expressing racial unity. co

A person curled up and sleeping in the street with minimal protection from the elements. A sign propped up next to the figure reads "STAY HOME."

This short caption shows in simple terms how commanding the A folded piece of paper with text stating that Alexa has tested positive for Coronavirus. American people demand for goods. Working from home, Americans still order from AMAZON, a company…

A wheatpaste photograph of a man wearing a gas mask/ventilator, gloves, and a pith helmet, referencing defense in the wartime context. A tag in black Sharpie reads "At least the birds still sing," referencing the concept of front line workers as the…

Located near the site of George Floyd's death (address of this work is 3759 Chicago Ave), this piece addresses the idea that racism is a public health crisis. Text references "Pre-existing condition: Being Black in America." Heart in the center of…

Depicts Sonia, owner of popular Hang Zhou restaurant located nearby, wearing a face mask and PPE while holding a bowl of rice with chopsticks. Text in Italian says “There’s an epidemic of ignorance going around…we must protect ourselves.”

Painted in black, white, and tan, this panel consists of a number of faces in a caricature style along with a portrait of Ahmaud Arbery depicted in a naturalistic style. Stenciled text is scattered across the panel, reading "fight back, "social…
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