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  • Collection: Hope, Unity, and Healing

The artist's signature boxy stick figure with arms stretched out wide for a hug, accompanied by text reading "hug." The figure is is rendered in black and white against a colorful background. Although this is already the artist's signature work, the…

A roll of toilet paper with Spread love, not panic! 2020 written in black with red hearts on it hovers in front of depiction of the coronavirus in green. References panicked toilet paper buying.

Blue and green earth with red eyes and blue arms wears a white face mask.

Chalked on a wall are the words Chicago stay strong. Chicago is written in block letters and the A has a red star in the center with blue and white stripes. Stay strong is written in cursive-like text.

A large honey bear (in shades of orange and yellow) wears a face mask. Several versions were installed around the city. Other versions wear a chef's hat, hold a piece of pizza, etc.

A casually dressed Prince Harry urges us to "Keep Calm and Wash Hands" by way of a message printed on his hoodie. The work is on the side of a utility box.

A woman wearing a face mask opens her trench coat to reveal many items she is dealing. These include letters forming the word "HOPE," hands clasped together in gratitude (in the form of an emoji), a dove, and a bird evoking Twitter/social media. Her…

A neatly painted stencil that says "SPREAD [HEART] NOT COVID19, framed in the corners by yellow lines.

The word "love" written in cursive and in multiple colors, is repeated over and over against a black background. A white rectangle is superimposed over this, reading "YOU CAN'T QUARANTINE LOVE"

A black on white poster. Text reads "Let Love Be Your Contagion." Below, a winged cupid figure in his underwear blows a horn from which a heart emerges.
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