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  • Collection: Hope, Unity, and Healing

A black on white poster reading "As Yourself: Am I Alive in a Time When All of Humanity is Awakening to our Inherent Oneness?" Below are two rows of figures in black pigment with white outlines and white eyes. Additional text reads "WHOA."

A horizontal mural centered on the words BE STILL....To the right of the text, a medical worker wearing a surgical cap and tying on a surgical mask. On the left, two workers wearing hoodies, masks, and baseball caps wading through water and carrying…

An abstracted figure wearing a blue mask, yellow hat, and yellow jacket (representing a construction worker) holds a sign saying "a big thanks." The figure is set against a black background. To the left of the figure we see white text reading "WE…

A woman wearing a face mask opens her trench coat to reveal many items she is dealing. These include letters forming the word "HOPE," hands clasped together in gratitude (in the form of an emoji), a dove, and a bird evoking Twitter/social media. Her…

A large wheatpaste figure fully protected by PPE, holding a sign that says "Don't Be Afraid" in Farsi.

Large Wildstyle piece dominated by oranges, reds, and yellows with the words "Stay Strong" and "Stay Alive"

A woman in black with a bat's head hangs upside down. She holds a bottle of Corona beer in each hand. The labels on the beer bottles read "Hang" and "In There."

Large text in black reading "Help the Elderly and Vulnerable/Be Nice to Workers/Don't Snitch on Shoplifters/Solidarity!"

A stencil of a blue medical cap and face mask. Instead of a face it has the word 'HOPE' in uppercase, block letters.

The artist's signature boxy stick figure with arms stretched out wide for a hug, accompanied by text reading "hug." The figure is is rendered in black and white against a colorful background. Although this is already the artist's signature work, the…
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