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  • Collection: Hope, Unity, and Healing

Two young girls huddled together, hugging the Earth. Text on one girl's arm reads "Stay Calm."

Rosie the Riveter is transformed into a healthcare worker (identified by red cross on her arm), wearing latex gloves nad a surgical face mask. Text reads "We Can Do It!" and Rosie the Responder.

Monumental figures wearing face masks struggle together to pull on a rope against an invisible force. Text reads "Pulling Through Together."

A image of an anatomical heart with pink text reading "WE ARE STRONGER SIX FEET APART."

An anatomical heart with text reading "Times Are Tough But So Are You."

A young woman wears a face mask and holds a heart in her open palms. The heart is emblazoned with the flags of the Netherlands. Masterful use of spray paint.

A stenciled child, rendered in black and white, wears a face mask and pours drips of paint from a watering tin. He is cultivating a rainbow.

A woman wearing a face mask opens her trench coat to reveal many items she is dealing. These include letters forming the word "HOPE," hands clasped together in gratitude (in the form of an emoji), a dove, and a bird evoking Twitter/social media. Her…

A graffiti piece on a corrugated metal fence in downtown Athens reads: "You are tougher than you think, Signed: COVID-19."

Hands folding in prayer, evoking Christian imagery. Soap bubbles and water are visible on the figure's hands, transforming prayer into hand washing. In the context of President Trump's declaration that a "miracle" will come, this image reminds us…
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