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  • Collection: Hope, Unity, and Healing

Smiling brown renditions of the coronavirus float happily against a bright yellow background. Artfully lettered text reads "Smiles are contagious."

Monumental figures wearing face masks struggle together to pull on a rope against an invisible force. Text reads "Pulling Through Together."

A yellow heart with text reading "This is tough but so are you" adhered to a utility box along side many other stickers and tags.

A large wheatpaste figure fully protected by PPE, holding a sign that says "Don't Be Afraid" in Farsi.

Five children of different races and ethnicities appear side-by-side sections, divided by sections. Each child wears a face mask and displays hands in a meaningful gesture expressing spirituality and faith. Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, and…

An abstracted figure wearing a blue mask, yellow hat, and yellow jacket (representing a construction worker) holds a sign saying "a big thanks." The figure is set against a black background. To the left of the figure we see white text reading "WE…

A figure wearing a grey suit, red tie, and blue face mask holds up one hand. Set against a white background, text in black says "we can beat this together." The NHS logo in blue appears at the top.

A latex gloved-hand makes the peace sign.

Large portrait of a dog named Louie wearing a face mask. Text to the left reads "STAY SAFE DENVER WE LOVE YOU, WE'LL BE BACK. Pony Up"

A woman in black with a bat's head hangs upside down. She holds a bottle of Corona beer in each hand. The labels on the beer bottles read "Hang" and "In There."
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