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A wheatpaste of the character Gollum from the Lord of the Rings. The face has been replaced by an artistically distorted face and one hand holds a can of spray paint. Next to the image is spray painted text which reads "I love social distancing..."

A monumental image of Ariana Grande in black-and-white against a lime green background. She holds up two fingers, signifying 2 meters distance.

Portrait head depicting Mr. T with stenciled text reading "KIDS EVERYTHING IS GONNA BE OK!" and "THE A TEAM."

The figure of Liberty from Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People appears here with some key alterations. Instead of the French tri-color flag, she waves a face mask. This may indicate that the use of face masks can lead to greater liberty and…

Painted picture of the Mr. Men character Little Miss Sunshine wearing a surgical mask. Painted on a wooden wall provided by Vancouver for street art. Painted with the intent of "brightening the spirits of the people of Gastown", the region of…

A representation of the iconic Warhol Marilyn Monroe. A stenciled street artist, a young child wearing a hoodie and respirator mask, is altering the image by adding face masks.

Reworked picture of the D-Day kiss from Times Square with both the soldier and nurse wearing masks during the kiss

A stenciled image of Marilyn Monroe wearing a face mask. Text below her image reads "Trump the Virus."

A roll of toilet paper with Mickey Mouse printed on it. Mickey Mouse wears a face mask and holds a sign reading "2020."

Street Art picture of Spy Spy shaking hands. White spy has milk behind his back and Black spy has a Coronavirus spore. Taged in the top with Milk Against Corona, 100.

monster virus.png
Two wheatpaste images of Frankenstein's face appear on a wall. One face is yellow with black outlining and the other is green with black outlining. Other paint colors drip down both faces. Spray painted text appears between the two faces and reads…

A wheatpaste of an image of Richard Simmons, wearing short exercise shorts and a sleeveless exercise shirt and exercise shoes. His face has been replaced by an artistically distorted face. In one hand he holds a can of spray paint, and the other hand…

A large tag reading NAT HAS CORONAVIRUS in white; referencing an older series of tags reading NAT HAS HERPES, a trend that started in Hackney Wick.

A wheatpaste of Pac-Man, bright yellow, eating an image of the covid virus. The artist's Instagram handle is visible along the edge of the Pac-Man.

Instagram caption by artist: "Pac-Man ANTICOVID!!!"

This is a graffiti, street art representation of Mulan and Mushu from the Disney movies. You see Mushu putting a face covering/face mask on Mulan. This art was done by johndohart in England at a skate park. The art adorns a skate ramp.

Pinky and the Brain against a teal background. Text bubbles read "Gee Brain, what are we gonna do tonight?" and "Same thing we do every night Pinky...." "Stay home and wait for this to pass."

Black and white representation of Robyn Konichiwa against a red background. Her speech bubble says "I keep dancing on my own" and "at home, on tiktok"

This sticker references classic Christian iconography of saints. This saint in particular is holding a vaccine needle in his hand.

A painting of the Mona Lisa wearing gloves and a mask and carrying hand sanitizer. A striking image utilizing familiar imagery, taking on additional significance in the context of spiking infections in India.

Save Us Justice League.png
A large mural on a brick building which spans two walls that are perpendicular to each other. On one wall, Superman is flying while wearing a white face mask next to spray painted text that reads "Save us Justice League." Underneath Superman is a…
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