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Cardi B, in black and white against red, says "Coronaviiiiiiirus!" She points at a black line measuring out 2 meters.

Black and white representation of Robyn Konichiwa against a red background. Her speech bubble says "I keep dancing on my own" and "at home, on tiktok"

Pinky and the Brain against a teal background. Text bubbles read "Gee Brain, what are we gonna do tonight?" and "Same thing we do every night Pinky...." "Stay home and wait for this to pass."

An black-and-white stencil of David Bowie against a teal background. His text bubble reads "WE COULD BE HEROES" and additional text reads "...BY JUST STAYING HOME"

A monumental image of Ariana Grande in black-and-white against a lime green background. She holds up two fingers, signifying 2 meters distance.

Members of The Police in black and white against a turquoise background. Text bubbles read "Don't Stand," "Don't Stand So," "Don't Stand So Close to Me."

An image of Alanis Morriset with text reading "And What It All Comes Down To...Is that Everything's Gonna Be Quite Alright."

A alteration to images from popular culture and politics (Elvis, Charlie Chaplin, Coluche, Abbé Píerre, Dominique Versini) with the addition of face masks.

This is a graffiti, street art representation of Mulan and Mushu from the Disney movies. You see Mushu putting a face covering/face mask on Mulan. This art was done by johndohart in England at a skate park. The art adorns a skate ramp.

A close-up, spray painted image if Spiderman wearing a respirator mask.

A stenciled image of Marilyn Monroe wearing a face mask. Text below her image reads "Trump the Virus."

A pin up artwork of Marilyn Monrow with one black and one white angle wing. She is sitting on a syringe (COVID-19 Vaccination), with words "Corona Girls"

A mural of Van Eyck's Man in a Red Turban wearing a white face mask.

A rendition of Caravagggio's Supper at Emmaus. Christ wears surgical gloves for protection.

This sticker references classic Christian iconography of saints. This saint in particular is holding a vaccine needle in his hand.

A large stencil of the Mona Lisa wearing a face mask. White on black door/window grate. Text reads #CATANIANONSIFERMA (Catania Does Not Stop)

The classic image of the Simpons sitting on their sofa in front of the TV is modified: the family members all wear face masks. The panel is tagged with the words "Stay Home"

Spongebob Squarepants characters with the words Spongebob Corona Hands. On the left Patrick Star holds a roll of toilet paper and wears a face mask over his eyes. In the center Spongebob Squarepants looks ill with bloodshot eyes and washed out skin.…

Picture of mushroom from Mario brothers with Covid germs for the eyes. The title "Super COVID Bros." appears above it

A wheatpaste piece depicting a lamp ghost Nintendo character. The green ghost is holding a glowing lamp and its eyes are bright yellow Covid viruses. Above the ghost, a green rectangle is filled with red text that reads "SUPER COVID BROS." in the…
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