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  • Collection: Art and Pop Culture References

Banksy's Girl with a Pierced Eardrum is altered with the addition of a surgical face mask.

A mosaic tile Mario Brothers doctor with a stencil reading "NOW WASH YOUR FU**ING HANDS." Painted on the wall of the Dean Lane Skatepark.

A representation of the iconic Warhol Marilyn Monroe. A stenciled street artist, a young child wearing a hoodie and respirator mask, is altering the image by adding face masks.

A Storm Trooper wears a face masks, standing before the viewer in a threatening manner. Text reads "STAY HOME."

A young Natalie Portman wears a t-shirt reading "STAY HOME" inside of a heart; a young boy wearing a hoodie and respirator mask, depicted as the artist, holds a spray paint can.

A roll of toilet paper with Mickey Mouse printed on it. Mickey Mouse wears a face mask and holds a sign reading "2020."

Bart Simpson painting and looking guilty, with text reading "Stay Home Wash Hands."

A large image of Cardi B, covering an entire wall. Her image has been modified to incorporate a face mask and text reading #stayhome #cardicares. A text bubble has Cardi saying "Corona Virus! Shit is real!"

Two separate yellow murals on walls near each other. Both feature bright yellow backgrounds. Referencing Michelanglo's creation of Adam from the Sistine Ceiling, the left panel has a hand facing right with the text "AFTER THE PLAGUE", and the right…

Portrait head depicting Mr. T with stenciled text reading "KIDS EVERYTHING IS GONNA BE OK!" and "THE A TEAM."
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