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  • Collection: Art and Pop Culture References

Bart Simpson painting and looking guilty, with text reading "Stay Home Wash Hands."

A stenciled image of Marilyn Monroe wearing a face mask. Text below her image reads "Trump the Virus."

An image of Alanis Morriset with text reading "And What It All Comes Down To...Is that Everything's Gonna Be Quite Alright."

The figure of Liberty from Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People appears here with some key alterations. Instead of the French tri-color flag, she waves a face mask. This may indicate that the use of face masks can lead to greater liberty and…

A young woman seen from waist up and in profile. She is kissing a bottle of Corona beer.

A play on Andy Warhol and Campbell's soup. This piece depicts a can of soup with text reading "Covid-19's condensed VIRUS soup."

Spongebob Squarepants characters with the words Spongebob Corona Hands. On the left Patrick Star holds a roll of toilet paper and wears a face mask over his eyes. In the center Spongebob Squarepants looks ill with bloodshot eyes and washed out skin.…

A roll of toilet paper with Mickey Mouse printed on it. Mickey Mouse wears a face mask and holds a sign reading "2020."

A alteration to images from popular culture and politics (Elvis, Charlie Chaplin, Coluche, Abbé Píerre, Dominique Versini) with the addition of face masks.

A monumental image of Ariana Grande in black-and-white against a lime green background. She holds up two fingers, signifying 2 meters distance.
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