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  • Collection: From the Front Lines: Healthcare Workers, Teachers, and Service Industries

Large close-up images showing the faces of essential workers, created with spray paint.

Street art on the side of a building showing healthcare workers and the Grim Reaper with the virus between them.

Five monumental healthcare workers (doctors, nurses, EMT) face the viewer, wearing face masks. In the foreground, we see the silhouettes of ordinary people looking up at the healthcare works, joined by Superman, identified by a flowing cape. A large…

An exhausted medical professional adjusts his face mask. His shadow takes the form of a caped superhero.

A heart painted in Jimmy C's characteristic pointillist style, positioned over a EKG line. Shades of blue with dots of light evoke a nighttime sky. Text reads "Thank You NHS"

Honoring the NHS, a female nurse wearing a gray dress, white apron, head scarf with red cross, and a face mask carries a can of blue paint and a paintbrush with blue paint dripping from it. Above her is a sign with a blue background and NHS with the…

Three-quarter portrait of a woman in an old-fashioned nurse's uniform wearing a face mask. Above her are the words: Covid-19. A heart monitor wave crosses behind her.

A healthcare worker in scrubs with a stethoscope around their neck and a face mask wears red boxing gloves and has multi-colored angel wings.

A tribute to healthcare workers. The torso of a person wearing a suit rips open their clothing to reveal a blue shirt with NHS on it. The S is the Superman superhero logo.

A woman wearing an old-fashioned nurse's cap and dress is adorned with a large S representing her status as a superhero.
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