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  • Collection: From the Front Lines: Healthcare Workers, Teachers, and Service Industries

Non-profit mural by Home Grow NM Trading Post at the SW corner of Morningside and Central. Three part mural featuring essential healthcare, food, public safety, and transportation workers, the Zia symbol, face masks, and green and red chile against a…

A female doctor puts on a medical mask against the background of a large flag of Russia. The inscription below is in Russian: #Thanks to the Doctors.

Three doctors in protective masks pose for a photo. The horizontal stripe works as an x-ray, so we can see the super hero logos on their chests.

A portrait of Dr. Ai Fen, who rose the alarm about the coronavirus and was silenced, wearing a face mask. Text reads "I am not a whistleblower, I am the one who provided the whistle."

A person in profile, wearing a face mask. The image also include a rainbow, hearts, and text reading "NHS Heroes," "NHS," "Hero Service," "Leo" and "#stayhome"

Painted as a tribute to those who are put at risk as a result of jobs that serve the public, these pieces depict a bike delivery driver and a food server. Both figure have large and colorful wings of a guardian angel.

Zucchini Fowler in RiNo.jpeg
This mural saluting restaurant workers during the COVID-19 epidemic is in an alley in the River North Arts District in downtown Denver, Colorado. The artist is Austin Zucchini-Fowler, who has created a number of murals around town.

A healthcare worker in scrubs with a stethoscope around their neck and a face mask wears red boxing gloves and has multi-colored angel wings.

A monumental representation of a healthcare worker/doctor wearing scrubs, a stethoscope, and a face mask (around his neck). He wears boxing gloves and has powerful angel wings.

A teacher wearing monumental angel wings. She holds a book or stack of papers. A chalk board to the right of the figure reads "the influence of a great teacher can never be erased."
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