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  • Collection: Politicized Imagery & Critique of Government and Systems

"A poster reading ¢ovid flu and 45 knew" with the signature Absurdly Well.

The word "Capitalism" stenciled in black, covered with a sign reading "closed for business."

Brazil's president, Jair Bolsonaro, wears a dour expression and a bright red clown's nose. Text above his portrait reads: "Máscara dos Bolsonaros contra o Coronavírus:" (The Bolsonaros mask against the coronavirus)

Three representations of Trump's head morphed with the coronavirus. The expressions convey smugness, stupidity, and brashness. Rendered in chalk on the sidewalk.

A depiction of Trump as Shrek with virus nodules protruding from his head. This image is both cartoonish and highly naturalistic at the same time, as it perfectly captures Trump's typical facial expression. The image is painted on a door, and…

An image of Bolsonaro and Lula facing off. Dollar signs and the coronavirus float around them. One rendition of the virus bites Lula on the figure. Text reads (in Portuguese): Olha o Povo. Enquanto Brigamos Eles Padecem!" (translation: Look at the…

In a large square in central Athens a slogan written on a ledge in Greek reads "The only epidemic is fear and stupidity."

A bird with a skeletal head flies, carrying a banner that says "More Science Less Bullshit" in its mouth.

A Trojan Horse, representation of the coronavirus, and Eye of Providence are accompanied by text reading "Corona Economic World Coup A Trojan Horse."

An image of Donald Trump with blood dripping from his eyes, accompanied by text reading NON ESSENTIAL.
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