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  • Collection: Politicized Imagery & Critique of Government and Systems

A banner displayed on the fence of a squatted parcel in Berlin reads "#GrenzenTöten: Solidarität mit Geflüchteten, trotz Corona" which translates to "#BordersKill: Solidarity with Refugees, despite Corona"

A small sticker, that can be found all over the Berlin neighborhood of Neukölln, asks "Will you still practice solidarity after tomorrow?," signed with the reminder to "Remember COVID-19."

Two side by side stencils, painted in red, read "Fight the virus of control" and "Aufstand statt Abstand," which translates to "Resistance, not distance."

In a large square in central Athens, a slogan in Greek painted on a ledge reads "Our lives are essential, capitalism is not!"

In a large square in central Athens a slogan written on a ledge in Greek reads "The only epidemic is fear and stupidity."

In a central square in Athens a slogan written in Greek on the side of a bench reads "Patriarchy kills more than COVID-19."

A slogan written on the facade of a bank building in Greek demands "Immediate measures to protect prisoners from Coronavirus." In Greece, like in the US, prisoners are particularly vulnerable to contracting COVID due to crowded living conditions and…

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Multicolored work created by stencil showing Trump's face with text reading "Vote Out The Virus"

A slogan written on the shutter of a bank branch reads "COVID-19 is the virus, the pandemic is capitalism," signed with the abbreviation ΑΣΠ (ASP).

A girl wearing a dress with Peter Pan color with a pig's head mask. She makes the peace sign. Text reads "Pay Taxes As Usual They Said." From the contributor: "A lot of the people lost jobs and have no money to pay a rent, but the government is…
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