Battling the Virus: Didactic Imagery


Battling the Virus: Didactic Imagery

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A stencil of a coronavirus in orange, red, and black.

We Got the Virus
A wheatpasting depicts an orange and red traffic cone with a white coating over it. Around the cone is an N95 blue face mask. Scattered throughout the cone are human eyes and small virus balls.

Wash Your Hands
A wheatpasting depicts an orange and white traffic cone with hands. In between the hands is a bar of soap and soap suds. Scattered throughout the cone are human eyes.

Untitled (Social Dis-Dance)
A figure is dancing in front of a black and grey background. Above and below are the words "Social" and "Dis-Dance".

Untitled (Sorry We're Closed)
A mural of a shop sign saying "Sorry We're Closed". The "O" in "Closed" is covered by a depiction of the coronavirus that bounced in from the right side of the image.

Wear A Mask
A masked female figure is looking up and waving a mask in the air as one would a flag.

Always Carry the Mask
A green man with his head tilted down is dramatically pulling his face mask into place. To the upper left of the image are the words "From Zero To Hero", and to the lower left are the words "Always Carry The Mask".

Stay at Home
An image of a figure wearing a white hoodie, pink sunglasses and a face mask. Text accompanying the figure reads "Stay at Home" in Arabic. There are also green stylized representations of the coronavirus.

Stay at Home mural
A large wall mural showing close-up images of faces wearing face masks. Text reading "stay at home" is written on the masks in different scripts.
Statement from the artist: "It is of Sudanese people from different tribes, saying "Stay at home" in…

África não é laboratório |  Lave as Mãos<br /><br />
Africa is not a testing lab | Wash your hands <br /><br />
With other didactic stencils
Stenciled writing on a concrete post reading "África não é laboratório" and "lave as mãos." ("Africa is not a testing lab" and "wash your hands"). Other stencils include additional didactic phrases such as "Sempre que tossir ou espirrar cubra a boca…

A gray shark wearing a medical mask spray-painted on a wall. Text to the right of the shark reads ‘DISOBEY’.

East Village Outlaws wearing their masks
Street art paste up of West Village Oulaws (mugshot) with masks covering their mouths

Smiley Face Face Mask
Picture of a boy in a black shirt with a smiley face bandanna covering his face.

This appears to have started as a street art piece depicting a medical professional aiming a vaccine syringe at the coronavirus that causes Covid-19. It was subsequently subject to graffiti, some of which has been buffed out. The word "SURVIVAL" is…

A man in full hazmat gear, including rubber suit and gas mask, holds up a beer with the title Cheers behind him. This painting is a humorous reference to the similarities between Corona beer and the coronavirus in terms of the name. This also…

Untitled [fuck covid19]
Image shows a nurse giving the middle finger / standing up to a screaming corona virus.

Image of a medical paper face mask burning at one end, against a black background.

No Thanks
On a plywood background is a wheatpasted image of a skeleton dressed in a 1950's style blue polka dot kitchen apron. The skeleton is holding a platter of food with a turkey that is actually a coronavirus, surrounded by vegetables. Above the skeleton…

Hug Life
A wheatpaste image of a person in a green, full body, personal protective suit, including gloves, boots, and helmet. The face inside the helmet is an artistically distorted face. Next to the image is spray painted text which reads "Hug Life."

Put a Mask on Fuckers
On a black wall, a woman with an artistically distorted face raises a fist in the air next to spray painted text which reads "PUT A MASK ON FUCKERS." Her other hand is holding a frying pan, as a threat. The woman appears to be older and is wearing a…
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