Battling the Virus: Didactic Imagery


Battling the Virus: Didactic Imagery

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Quedate en casa
Graffiti of Batman holding a thermometer gun in Oaxaca City, Mexico. Text in black spray paint reads “quedate en casa”, which translates to “stay at home.”

Stay Safe Toronto
A stencil of a wide-eyed child wearing a face masks. Red hearts appear at the cheeks. Text reads "Stay Safe Toronto."

A stencil posted on a utility box reading. "JOGGERS /Protect your fellow humans/ wear a fuckin' mask"

Wash ur hands
A simple tag posted on a utility pole reading "WASH UR HANDS" in white.

Fica em casa/Stay at home
An image of a young boy holding a belt; text reads "Fica em casa" (translated as "Stay at home"). The boy wears pants and no shirt or belt.

Seu futuro está nas mãos/Your future is in your hands
A large and colorful mural reading "Seu futuro está nas mãos" (translated as "your future is in your hands") with images of a young figure with respirator mask and a female doctor of Asian descent doing research using a microscope. Images of the…

Let's be careful!
A figure seated in meditation, wearing a face mask and protective gloves. Text reads "Let's be careful!"

Porter un Masque
A large panel showing a woman in profile wearing a surgical face mask. She is accompanied by text reading "Porter un Masque" ("Wear a Mask")

Wash Hands, Avoid Covid19, Stay Safe
Tags written on a larger piece reading "Wash Hands/Avoid Covid19/Stay Safe"

Do Your Part Stay Apart
A retro image of a girl wearing a dress with a Peter Pan collar. She wears a face mask and holds a sign reading "Do Your Part Stay Apart" with hearts.
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